Smartphone obsession can turn deadly even on foot

I love getting out for a walk on my lunch break taking in the fresh air, but lately I find myself ducking and dodging people about to run into me, because they’re too distracted by their phones to notice me coming in the other direction. #annoying

I understand and personally appreciate the convenience of everything being at the tip of my fingers through my smart phone, but more and more I’m seeing people putting their safety at risk because they simply can’t take their eyes off their device.

Bumping into another pedestrian on a footpath because you’re engrossed in social media or a text message might be embarrassing, but inattention near a road could be also deadly.

All road users have a responsibility for safety on and around our roads, so if you’re walking and tempted to look at your phone, either wait or if it’s important, step to the side, stop and then continue walking when you can fully focus on getting to your destination safely.

Taking a break from technology and taking a breath, won’t only make your walk safer but you might notice the beauty going on around you.

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