Apple CarPlay Now Acting Crazy Causing Google Maps to Lose GPS Tracking

Navigation apps no longer working as expected are something that’s very common on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but such issues don’t typically impact a substantial number of users or devices.

This time, however, it looks like the GPS tracking problem might be more serious, as users are reporting issues not only with Google Maps, but also with other similar apps running on CarPlay.

What happens on these devices is quite simple: navigation apps, be they Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze, sometimes lose GPS tracking and go out of sync, basically placing users to a different location on the map.

This is something that previously happened on Android Auto as well, and just like today, it affected all navigation apps, including Google Maps and Waze. In the case of CarPlay, it looks like the problem is somehow related to aftermarket HUDs, judging from a series of posts on reddit.

I have absolutely no issues with GPS or google maps on my phone, when I connect up, it’s like it thinks I’m about 30 metres to the right and keeps going crazy trying to take me down every backstreet and not straight along a main road. Or it’ll be going fine and then will suddenly stop and freeze for like 40 second while I’m still driving before finally catching up,” one user says on reddit.

Some believe the built-in GPS receiver that comes bundled with these aftermarket HUDs are actually the ones to blame, although for now, no confirmation in this regard exists. However, if you’re trying to fix the bug on your own, this is a good place to start.

A number of users reveal the problems appeared after the latest iOS update, but this is rather unlikely given it’s showing up only now, nearly a month since its release.

Of course, if you’re experiencing the same issues and found a solution, make sure you let us know in the comment box below.

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