GPS Based Mobile App Development influenced by Current Affairs

Sometimes current affairs bring alertness to us. Such incidents are not tolerable concerning sectors, like finance, education, health, etc. Instant communication and tracking facilities make sense to prevent such negative perceptions. Technology improved a level up and reached to the root cause and bring sufficient data and processed it to counter the problems. How technology implement and what would be the medium? A smartphone app is the best option to deliver the solution, and a smartphone is in maximum use nowadays.

GPS – Global Positioning System, a remarkably powerful technology helps humans to get the benefit of tracking systems in multiple sectors. GPS is a technology that is in heavy use to manage lots of tracking services like logistics businesses, traffic management, find a destination using a map, online food delivery tracking, hotel booking and now also tracking virus-infected areas. How could we connect viruses and technology? Yes, we can connect. Technology can connect easily to spread information using data collection applications.

Nowadays, mostly businesses extended their services using mobile applications. iMOBDEV – the top mobile app development company
provides all the latest technology which improves your business on the mark. Location-based mobile apps are in trend, and few examples are enough to get you an idea for like, online food ordering apps, online courier delivery app, shopping apps, on-demand service provider apps, and so on.

  GPS based mobile app includes;  

  • Navigation
  • Social media
  • Tracking
  • Marketing
  • Information Services
  • GPS coordinates of the location
  • Getting the current location of a user
  • Serving the nearby locations
  • Directions for driving or walking and
  • Map integration

  How GPS Based App Works?  

A network that connects several IP addresses that recite in computer/smart devices and through GPS information is sending and receiving information.

For distributing data using GPS, wifi or internet data, cell phone antennas, cell towers, and satellites are co-related with each other and communicate to transfer data from one IP to another IP.

  GPS Based Mobile Apps influenced by Current Affair  

Unfortunately, the Corona Virus has spread out around the world. How do we get information about the virus affected location?

In China, a specific application launched and depicts the number of infected cases with precise details of the areas affected by the Coronavirus. This application helps people to avoid visit those places where the virus has spread and people affected. This application brought a better solution for future prevention with the support of GPS.

Recently, fraud cases have registered in cybercrime departments. The motive behind scam artists is to cheat/fraud using the UPI payment system or gathering OTP numbers by misleading people with fraud identification from a well-known corporate company.

The foremost benefit of having a GPS tracking services app is to prevent cybercrimes which are begetting at an extreme level nowadays. Cybercrime departments have built up an application for complaint and resolve the cases as soon as possible with the use of advanced GPS tracking system and robust functionalities recite in the app.

Nowadays, cybercrime departments take immediate action on fraud complaints especially financial fraud cases. After registration, a complaint will receive a ticket number that notifies you about the investigation.

  On-demand Service App  

Considering on-demand
transportation applications like online Taxi Uber, Ola relies on the user’s location to pair passengers with nearby drivers. Users can see the arrivals using a GPS tracking system in sync in the application also monitor his/her target duration in real-time. Seaver is an on-demand service mobile app which had developed by the iMOBDEV developer’s team.

  Logistics Service Providing Mobile App  

A courier service providing mobile app based on a tracking system managed using GPS. iMOBDEV has just developed a courier service providing an app named PNP means Papers N Parcels which makes it easier to deliver parcel delivery. The users can check live tracking facility when courier pick up and drop down from source to destination.

  Fitness – Purely GPS Based Mobile App  

A fitness app
like mHealth will access your phone’s GPS data to map your tracking route, track speed, and so on. This app will help who are stick to maintain their routine like cycling, walking, gyming exercises and give a specific report in detail about your routine. The fitness app also connects you with your fellow gym mates while running or cycling. You can find the nearest fitness center as well as hire a fitness trainer at your home using an application.


Multiple problems and solutions! In the present time, no more difficulties persist. Why? Technology plays a crucial role to resolve the issues happening around. As we have reviewed current affairs like the fraud cases while transferring money online using UPI, and Coronavirus affecting the public faster are the real problems people face. GPS is a worthy option to apply and get some exceptional solutions. Like Cybercrime, apps help victims to get a resolution faster, and health informative app will show virus detected premises and the number of cases registered. However, businesses can utilize the GPS tracking system for a more comfortable reach to their locations and other facilities. iMOBDEV
would like to hear your thoughts and make sure to provide you service with upgraded technologies like a GPS based mobile app development.

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