Samsung Galaxy A51: The Awesome All-Rounder Smartphone Is Here

When it comes to picking a smartphone brand that can effortlessly nail the balance between form and function, Samsung sits right at the top of the list. The brand has consistently put forth unique innovation in all its devices and the new Samsung Galaxy A51 is another great example of that.

Equipped with a 6.5-inch FHD+ Infinity-O display with sAMOLED technology, an awesome ultra-modern quad-cam, a long lasting battery, and a host of other features, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is the awesome phone every millennial would love. Let’s take a deep dive into the ‘awesome features’ of the ‘Galaxy A51’.

Ultra-Modern Quad-Camera

The camera has become one of the most popular, useful, and important features of a phone. You use it to click glorious pictures for your social media feeds, pictures for your blog, and more. The Samsung Galaxy A51 will make sure you’re able to do all of that effortlessly with its Super Awesome Quad Cam. To add more perspective to your photos and videos, Galaxy A51 features a primary 48MP camera, a second 12MP ‘Ultra Wide’ camera with 123° field of view, a third 5MP macro camera for close-up shots, and a fourth 5MP camera called ‘Depth camera’ for brilliant Bokeh shots. Flip to the front, and you’ll find a 32MP front camera.

The primary 48MP camera makes sure you shoot ultra-high-resolution pictures and videos with the utmost vibrancy, clarity, and detail, no matter the time. Be it clicking pictures and videos during the day or while attending a concert at night, the Galaxy A51 would easily carry you through it all. To capture more of the view from the same spot, you can use the ‘Ultra Wide’ camera with its 123° field of view. The ‘ultra wide’ camera will totally step up your landscape photography game by capturing more of the scene in one shot. So, the next time you want to capture the expanse of a beach or the picturesque mountains, you know what to use.

What’s even more awesome is that there’s an ‘Ultra Wide Night Mode’ on the Galaxy A51 which makes sure you get clear and vibrant shots during the night time as well with significantly reduced noise.

The Galaxy A51 also has a camera that caters to all the macro-photography lovers out there – with the ‘Macro camera’. The macro cam lets you get as close as 4cm (40mm) to a subject to capture highly refined details. It allows you to get up-close without losing focus and brings out different elements in a shot – the texture, pattern, different color shades, etc. So, when you want to capture the smaller details such as antennae, scales, and wings on an insect, veins on a leaf, or dew drops on a flower, this lens will come super handy.

Bokeh is all the rage these days. Samsung Galaxy A51’s ‘Depth Camera’ will make the subject totally stand out while also adding a beautiful aesthetic quality to the shot. Its multiple ‘Live Focus Effects’ lets you apply and adjust natural background blur (Bokeh) before and after you take the shot. The bokeh added in the background is seamless, making your images look more pro-like.

Bigger And Awesome Display

With the Galaxy A51’s display, you get to see the whole view on its Infinity-O screen. It optimizes visual symmetry and offers a truly uninterrupted view on the Galaxy A51 with its near bezel-less screen. Featuring a massive 6.5-inch FHD+ sAMOLED display, there’s a lot of screen space to play with and it’s perfect for watching movies, playing games, surfing the web, and more. The Galaxy A51 FHD+ display ensures there’s a perfect balance between the color and contrast, and that the details captured are intact. The sAMOLED screen makes the display even more pleasant to look at where you can see things clearly on your phone even during bright daylight in the sun.

The Infinity-O Display makes the phone a total beauty and shows how Samsung aimed at maximizing screen space. Overall, the Galaxy A51 display provides an expansive and immersive viewing experience, making sure you forget the world around you while watching your favorite show or game.

Long-Lasting Battery With Fast Charging

Given that we live at a breakneck speed today, a phone that can last for long periods of time is essential. With a 4,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy A51 makes sure you get enough power to last up to 20 hours of video playback. It keeps you going all day long without any interruptions. This means it’ll carry you through all the social media binges, endless Netflix streaming, and seamless gaming.

The phone also supports Fast Charging (15W), so if you start running low on battery, you don’t have to wait for hours to get your phone charged up.

Super-Fast Processor

Inside the new Galaxy A51, is a powerful and advanced 10nm Exynos 9611 Octa-core processor (2.3GHz + 1.7GHz) that offers super-fast processing time, making multi-tasking a piece of cake for the phone. You can easily switch between multiple apps and run complex tasks seamlessly without any lag or stutter. This is further paired with spacious storage featuring 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage capacity expandable up to 512GB microSD card. This makes it super convenient to play heavy-duty games with advanced graphics, where you won’t notice any frame drops, lag, or heating issues.

Moreover, to make your gaming experience as seamless and immersive as possible, there’s an added AI-powered Game Booster Mode that maximizes your gaming performance. It reduces distractions and amps up your game with a dedicated interface and easy-to-reach menu. It optimizes your battery to deliver longer battery life, and also modifies the temperature and memory for smoother performance, without any heating issues.

Security And Other Intelligent Features

The Galaxy A51 is not only an all-rounder phone that offers everything you need, but also highly secure with Samsung Knox that makes defence-grade security available to everyone. Security breaches are common today and hackers keep coming up with new ways to exploit your data, which is why, Samsung Knox is a great feature that protects your phone from the moment it’s turned on.

It comes with features like Secure Folder and Biometric authentication, that help protect your phone. The Galaxy A51 also comes with Samsung Pay, a cool way that allows you to make credit and debit card payments securely and seamlessly at NFC enabled point of sale terminals.

Awesome Design is For Everyone

Finally, we cannot talk about the Samsung Galaxy A51 and not mention its stunning and elegant design. The phone features a prism crush design pattern in smooth and elegant pastel shades including Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush Black and Prism Crush White which are absolute head-turners. There’s a premium gloss finish on the phone which adds to its style and comfort to its 7.9mm sleek and slim body.

To sum it up, Samsung Galaxy A51 ticks all the boxes when it comes to a diverse and all-encompassing smartphone experience. Rich display, powerful processor, wonderful camera, and other unique features make this smartphone, simply awesome.

You can get your hands on the Awesome Galaxy A51 with a special offer of a one- time screen replacement. You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy A51 online or at a Samsung store near you for a price of INR 23,999.

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