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That is when I left too. I was one of the MVPs letting the current (at the time) admins know I didn’t like their proposed changes. Alas, this was also when us “old” MVPs who liked things the way they were before were in the minority as we were quickly being displaced by the newbies, many of whom hadn’t even made a single post on the PlayStation forums prior to becoming an MVP, and who were perfectly fine with the changes. So, I made tracks.

I will be eternally grateful for that admin team sending me to E3 in 2013 along with a lot of other MVPs, but I’ll never forget that they closed so many sub-forums, all of which were their own little communities that meant a lot to so many people, myself included, just so they could dump everything in the General board. The people who voted for the change had no concept of what those communities meant to some of us as a good portion of them had never posted on the forums prior to voting for the changes. The community I was so passionate about died that day.

Truth be told, there were changes I was none too thrilled about happening prior to that, and many of us MVPs hopped onto a different forum for a while before coming back to that one, but that was the final nail in the coffin for me and some of my forum pals.

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