GPS tracker helps police locate stolen truck

The City Market police on Thursday recovered a garbage compactor that was stolen from Mysuru Road on February 3. The GPS device fitted in the vehicle helped the police trace it.

P Harshavardhana Reddy, a garbage disposal contractor with the BBMP, told the police that miscreants stole his truck when it was parked on the road. Reddy, who owns several compactor trucks, disposes of garbage from the City Market area every day.

On February 3, around 6.30 pm, driver Hanumanthan loaded garbage into the truck from the market, parked it and went home.

The next morning when he came back to the spot, he found the truck missing. Hanumanthan informed Reddy and they searched for the vehicle in the surrounding areas. Unable to locate it, they filed a police complaint.

The police on Thursday, with the help of the GPS tracker, located the vehicle in Mandur villag.

The culprits had stolen 150 litres of diesel from the vehicle. They also attempted to steal the battery, but failed. They have stolen a few other items from the truck, Reddy told DH.

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