17 best beauty gadgets to revolutionise your routine

When the worlds of beauty and technology collide, we are left with creative innovations that will make us question how we lived without them.

Technological advances have resulted in a serious upgrade in our beauty practices making it easier (and quicker) than ever before to achieve the results that you have been looking for — whether that is toning, styling, cleansing or fighting blemishes or acne.

The gadget and gizmo galore consists of professional equipment that were once reserved solely for salon or spa appointments and can now be used in the comfort of your own home, from LED facial treatments, to IPL hair removal devices.

But while tech addicts may relish the opportunity to invest in the beauty gadget game, for the technophobe among you, there are also non-electric tools like jade rollers or massagers that aid in relaxation, recovery or to reduce puffiness.

Upgrade your inventory with our tools worth trying.

The Mirror

This may be one of the coolest pieces of beauty tech that we’ve ever seen. Direct from the US, this life-size mirror doubles up as the ultimate fitness companion that transforms your living or bedroom into a yoga studio, boxing ring or cardio class where you have a digital personal training walking you through the steps. You can connect to the app to control the music, customise your workout and track your progress.

$1,495 | Mirror | Buy it now

simplehuman Sensor Mirror SE

Get smart with your makeup application with this very intelligent mirror. Plug in the device to your mains to make the most of its ‘tru-lux’ lighting system. First and foremost, it will light up automatically as it senses your face. It then stimulates natural sunlight to ensure that your colour is always spot on. The bulb is long-lasting and the mirror has a five times magnification.

£159.99 | John Lewis | Buy it now

Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro Mist Steamer

Meghan Markle’s facialist Sarah Chapman has created this at-home device to mimic the professional facial-like feeling when you don’t have the time or money to head down to a salon. It uses nano-sized steam particles to remove makeup and other impurities for a thorough cleanse.

£119 | Net-A-Porter | Buy it now

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case

You may recognise this handy mirror from your favourite Instagrammers. The device quickly gained traction from beauty fans everywhere due to its LED lighting and the mounted phone clip attachment to help you create content. It has a three times magnification and the lights can be adjusted. This option comes with a travel case.

£175 | Cult Beauty | Buy it now

NuFACE Trinity All-In-One Facial Toning Set

This multitasking device has three salon-favourite treatments with just one simple product. The Facial Trainer works to contour, define and tone your facial features with different attachments; larger for your face and neck and smaller for a targeted treatment for your eyes and lips. The Wrinkle Reducer attachment uses a combination of red and infrared lighting to improve the appearance of fine lines.

£637 | Net-A-Porter | Buy it now

Dyson Airwrap

Since the revolutionary Dyson Airwrap hair styler launched last year, it has quickly become a Holy Grail product.

The device can style you hair in voluminous or loose waves and curls or create a smoother straighter look while also minimising frizz. Without extreme heat, the styler wraps your hair automatically around the barrel to create an easy and effortless look without minor burns added.

£399.99 | Boots | Buy it now

Smoothskin Muse

For an at-home IPL hair removal system that actually works, the Smoothskin Muse will make stubbly and prickly legs and underarms a thing of the past.

The device is created to prevent regrowth in a permanent way and is able to complete a full body treatment in just 20 minutes.

The innovative and fool proof IPL system scans the area to automatically adjust the intensity of the flash light treatment for safety without sacrificing on results.

£299 | Current Body | Buy it now

Foreo UFO

The Foreo UFO will revolutionise your skincare routine with its advanced dermal features.

The device can produce a gentle heat for relaxation with a Cryo-Therapy mode to smooth and revitalise as well as offers a facial massage. It can also encourage masks to penetrate deeper into the skin and maximise its benefits, while also providing UV-free phototherapy treatment as red, green and blue LED light wavelengths for an at-home facial.

It is also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, lightweight, and portable – making it ideal for travelling.

£169 | Foreo | Buy it now

Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite

Introduce the benefits of LED treatments into your skincare routine with Dr Dennis Gross’ Spectralite that uses light technology to smooth, plump, brighten and tighten the area around your eyes.

The device is hands free with 72 LED lights and USB charging. Use three minutes daily to maximise the effects.

£175 | Space NK | Buy it now

FaceGym Pro

The benefits of facial massages include an increase of circulation, anti-ageing and stress relief to name but a few and this handy device will allow you to incorporate all the above into your beauty regime.

The FacePro brings mild but effective EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) that work to strengthen your facial muscles, lift, tone and tighten in only 10 minutes.

£495 | Face Gym | Buy it now

GHD Glide Hot Brush

Since the GHD Glide launched it has been near impossible to get your hands on. The device was an instant success, sold out everywhere for its simplification of styling.

The brush wand tames and straightens your hair more easily and quicker than its counterparts for a frizz-free salon-quality look every day.

£139 | GHD | Buy it now

Jade Crystal Facial Roller

Facial rolling seems to be all over our Instagram feeds but what does it actually do? The inclusion of jade and the act of rolling boosts circulation around you face and reduces puffiness by stimulating lymphatic draining.

This option from two different sizes on each end for different parts of the face and should be used daily where you will start to notice a difference in your complexion and even bring relief to headaches.

Approx £18 | Kitsch | Buy it now

Dr Dennis Gross Drx Spotlite Acne Treatment Device

There’s nothing worse than a spot popping up right before a big event or interview but this mini device from Dr Dennis Gross will help reduce the inflammation.

When a pimple or acne flares up, place the device on the affected area as it will emit a blue then a red LED treatment in turn, which will penetrate the area to fight against bacteria and reduces the redness respectively.

The blemish reducer will also fight against scarring and prevent future breakouts.

£59 | Space NK | Buy it now

Nurse Jamie TriAngle Facial Beauty Tool

This facial massager from skincare expert Nurse Jamie has an extensive celebrity fan base already. The innovative tool uses a sonic technology that has a firming action and encourages products to penetrate better into the skin.

£55 | Harrods | Buy it now

Beautybio GloPRO Rose Gold Microneedling Regeneration Tool

Microneedling has become a major beauty buzzword to generate collagen and skin tissue for a firmer and younger looking appearance. This device from Beautybio uses Red LED light therapy and VibroTactile Stimulation to encourage skin regeneration, while also maximising the absorption of serums or creams when used in tandem. The tool is available in a limited-edition rose gold shade as well as the classic white model.

£249 | Harrods | Buy it now

Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

This full face treatment device may look alarming but it uses an innovative science to bring a professional facial to your home. It uses five LED colours that will each result in a different treatment for a targeted effect. For instance, the red light is designed for collagen and elastin stimulation to strengthen and tighten skin, while the green light will reduce pigmentation.

£385 | MZ Skin | Buy it now

Sarah Chapman’s Sculpting Massager

From celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman, this massager has eight heads and 48 massaging nodules that you roll over your face to reduce tension and puffiness as well as aiding in lymph draining resulting in a more toned and glowing complexion.

£30 | Net-A-Porter | Buy it now

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