Realme Qi wireless charger certified by WPC

Realme is set to launch its Qi-certified wireless charger. At the launch of Realme Buds, the company teased its wireless charger. It also confirmed that the wireless charger will be available for purchase soon. There is a possibility that we are inching closer to the launch of this wireless charger. A listing on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) confirms this wireless charger from the company. We might see the product launch in the coming weeks. The company is hosting an event on February 6 where the product might become official.

Realme Wireless Charger appears on WPC

The wireless charger from the company could be a device that will work with non-Realme smartphones. Realme Buds Air, the true wireless earbuds, are the only wireless charging supported devices from the company. It is yet to launch a smartphone that supports wireless charging. The listing shows that the Realme Wireless Charging supports power output of 5W. This would be ideal for Realme Buds Air but might not be competitive. The most Qi wireless chargers support output of 10W. In the age of fast charging, even 10W is considered to be too slow.

The wireless charger listed on WPC was registered on December 30 last year. It comes with the model name RMA203 and has a circular design with company logo at the center. This design seems similar to the one shown by the company during the launch of Realme Buds Air in December last year. Apart from the fact that it is Qi certified, there is not much detail about this wireless charger. However, the listing does suggest that the launch of this wireless charger is imminent. If it is meant for Realme Buds Air then we might see it launch first in India.

The former sub-brand has got a lead in the market with its true wireless earbuds. It is now looking to expand by offering accessories for the earbuds. It already offers Realme Iconic Cover for the earbuds and wireless charger might be the second accessory. If the wireless charger supported 10W fast charging, it might have a much broader appeal. Realme, however, could undercut its rivals by offering the device at an affordable price point. It will be interesting to see when Realme makes its wireless charging pad official in India.

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