Circular Is the Best Looking, Most Powerful Smart Ring We’ve Seen Yet

A new startup called Circular is hoping to bridge the gap between a commonly worn accessory and an ultra-powerful fitness and sleep tracker. The result is this sleek smart ring that can help users track their daily steps, activity, as well as their night’s rest, and more.

Circular is a wellness tracker first, with support for tracking heart rate, HRV, RHR, SpO2 and other health metrics like steps and distance.

It’s also an advanced sleep monitor, promising to track your sleep’s “efficacy and make improvements.”

There are other standard features here too, like discreet notifications and a silent “Intelligent Alarm” feature. But a key aspect of Circular is its focus on giving users the most powerful data available — and helping them make sense of it.

To put it another way, the company is hoping to stay away from just measuring metrics.

The goal is to analyze how your body functions and how it could be kept healthy, and give you advice on optimizing your overall wellness.

It does all of this through the connected Circular app, which sports an integrated digital assistant named Kira.

But, of course, a fitness tracker is useless if you aren’t going to wear it. That’s the main goal behind its sleek smart ring design, which looks much more like a high-end fashion accessory than a tech gadget.

The design features interchangeable shells so you can tailor your Circular ring to specific activities and events, as well as scratch- and water-resistance so you’ll have fewer reasons to take it off.

The outer design also isn’t marred by any type of overly techy mechanisms or displays. Its built-in battery is also designed to last up to 2 days on a charge.

Circular is currently being funded as a Kickstarter project, but don’t worry about it being vaporware. It’s already reached $99,114 in funding, well past its original $22,048 goal, with 33 days to go.

So if you’re interested in ditching the wrist-worn fitness tracker in favor of a smart ring, you can order a Circular via early-bird special by pledging to its campaign. For more information, you can check the Kickstarter page for Circular.

Smart rings aren’t exactly a new idea. Even Apple is apparently working on the tech. But Circular hopes that the deep feature set of its offering helps it to stand out.

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