According to Apple, it would be bad for consumers if the EU forced a common smartphone charging port

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Apple claims the European Union (EU) would force companies to introduce a universal charger across the tech industry to stifle innovation.

The technology group, based in Cupertino, California, continues to say that this would also result in electronic waste that could potentially harm consumers.

It is not surprising that Apple has taken this position as the iPhone still has the company’s own Lightning connector, while the rest of the smartphone industry has switched to USB-C. Even Apple’s laptops and the latest iPad Pro are now equipped with USB-C, making the company’s decision to use Lightning for their iPhones even more astonishing from a consumer perspective.


Still, Apple will lose a lot if the European Union sets a universal charging standard. While Apple sells countless USB-C dongles, there is still a thriving ecosystem of third-party and first-party accessories designed for Lightning devices.

In a statement to Reuters, Apple said: “We believe regulations that enforce compliance of all connector types built into smartphones inhibit innovation.”

Apple then submitted a study commissioned by Copenhagen Economics that focused on the harm that a one-port standard could cause to consumers.

The study found that the regulation that mandated the use of USB-C on all devices would cost consumers $ 1.5 billion (approximately $ 2.1 billion CAD). The study also found that 49 percent of households in the European Union depend on different chargers. Only 0.4 percent of respondents believe that this is a significant problem.

Also note that the iPhone 11 Pro has a USB-C charger and USB-C to Lightning cable that can be used to quickly charge the smartphone. Rumors have been circulating for years that Apple wants to drop the iPhone’s Lightning port in favor of USB-C, but the technology giant has yet to change.

Source: Reuters Via: Android Authority


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