Innovative castAway case case easily adds a second screen to your smartphone

A number of companies are currently the process of developing folding dual screened smartphones, but perhaps the simplest solution is already available by using the castAway case, which easily and affordably adds a second screen to your smartphone. The unique smartphone case is now available to back by Indiegogo with early bird pricing offering a 36% saving off the recommended retail price. Watch the demonstration video below to learn how the castAway case can enhance your smartphone productivity as well as and protection and of course a second screen.

castAway case connects with any iOS or Android phone and continues to work even when detached from your smartphone.
– Features a dual boot option that lets you quickly turn it into a larger keyboard, trackpad, or game controller for your phone.
– It is fully-equipped with a hi-res capacitive touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, front and back-facing cameras, & audio jack.
– Integrated SD slot allows you to expand storage and offload photos from your phone
– The built-in battery can do double duty and be used to boost your smartphone.

“A second monitor used to be a luxury, and now it’s a necessity. Juggling between apps and screens is how things go today. Adding a second screen to a PC is easy, but what about a second one for your smartphone? It’s not like you leave the need for multitasking behind when you are away from your desktop, out in the world doing things. The castAway case, a fantastic new accessory that adds a second, ultra-slim screen to your favorite smartphone. The second screen is a powerful Chromium-based tablet that lets you multitask while on the go.”

“The castAway case tablet allows you to open multiple apps at once, copy/paste, and access files and photos from either screen. Our app, code-named MultiTask+, for iOS and Android, is the software experience that enables you to connect your smartphone to your castAway case with simple commands and shortcuts. In conjunction with the screen the smartphone side of the case is a custom fit for each major model type. That said, there are many unique (lower volume) phones for which we are developing a universal case back that works with the hinge” says its creators.

The castAway case is currently available in three different sizes :

– one/S with a 5.8” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size
– one/L with a 6.3” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size
– one/XL with a 6.9” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size

dual screen smartphone case

For more details, full specifications and a complete list of all available pledge options, jump over to the official castAway smartphone case Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page.

Source: Indiegogo

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