Kane County Sheriff’s Office launches Electronic GPS Monitoring program

ST. CHARLES – Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain officially launched the new Electronic GPS Monitoring pilot program Tuesday morning, according to a news release from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Ankle bracelets were placed on five non-violent traffic detainees before they were released from the Kane County Jail. According to the news release, Sheriff Hain’s new initiative has been a priority since he took office a little over one year ago. The intention of the pilot program is to test the operational capabilities before expanding to serve additional non-violent sentenced offenders and lower level crime pre-trial detainees, much like the previous program operated by Kane County Court Services, the release stated.

Sheriff Hain passed a County Board resolution in September establishing the fees for participation in electronic monitoring. According to the release, each detainee is charged an initial $250 fee, $50 of which is held as a security deposit for the monitoring equipment. The remainder covers the $10 per day monitoring fee charged by the Sheriff’s Office to the participant for the first twenty days on electronic monitoring. A credit card will be held on file for the daily charges for a sentence beyond 20 days.

In the release, Sheriff Hain noted this program is vitally important to reducing the jail population and will save county tax payers money, as it costs an average of $62 per day to house a person in the jail, as opposed to $3.75 per day for the lease of the monitoring equipment.

According to the release, another key element of the sheriff’s program is the enhancement of public safety and reducing recidivism through the sheriff’s new Corrections Diversion Team, that meets with each electronic monitoring candidate prior to their release and offers them job training and placement. All five participants will be returning to work when they leave the jail.

“By providing them a leg up when they return to the community, we’re creating opportunities for them that they never realized existed and help to ensure they never return to the criminal justice system,” stated Sheriff Ron Hain in the release.

Electronic Monitoring will be operated by the sheriff’s Court Operations Unit, which was created under the new administration. The team consists of a lieutenant and four deputies, who are also tasked with serving civil court papers, arrest warrants and evictions, the release stated.

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