Ampere’s Travel-Friendly Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad

Apple’s iPhones have had wireless charging support for several generations, and the company’s AirPods (or at the least the charge case for the earbuds) gained wireless charging capability earlier this year. Meanwhile the Apple Watch has used wireless charging since day one — but is incompatible with industry standard Qi wireless chargers. All of this means that wireless charging is a reality for Apple fans, but the convenience factor is seriously compromised. That’s especially true when traveling, and a collection of wireless chargers and power adapters is often required. Ampere is aiming to eliminate that collection and save considerably on space, with a single device: the Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad

The Unravel AW+ features a pair of 10W Qi wireless charge pads and an Apple Watch charge pad, in a single unit that uses hinges to fold up into a compact 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.2-inch package that weighs about 7.8 ounces.

Unique, Hinged Design

There are many choices these days when it comes to multi-pad Qi wireless chargers, but the selection narrows considerably when the charger must also support the Apple Watch. And when you add portability into the mix? Not much to choose from. That leaves many Apple fans packing multiple wireless chargers when traveling.

The Ampere Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad offers two 10W Qi wireless charge pads, so you can charge a pair of iPhones simultaneously. It also has an Apple Watch charge pad. And the whole thing uses a unique hinged system that lets it fold up for easy carrying. You can also position the charger to use as a stand to support an iPhone for FaceTime calls or watching video. The hinge feels loose enough to easily move, yet sturdy. Magnets at the end hold the charger securely in place as a “triangle” when used as a stand.

The Unravel AW+ is available in a variety of color combinations. My review unit was black with Sky Blue accents, but you can go with all black if you want something that looks a little more reserved. 

Pick Your Charger

The Unravel AW+ uses USB-C for power, and it’s compatible with Apple’s own MacBook chargers. For those with a big investment in Apple gear, this means you only need to bring along one charge brick for all your devices.

Don’t use a MacBook? No worries, because when you purchase the Unravel AW+, Ampere also includes a power brick as part of the bundle. You choose the version: 30W, 60W and whether a world plug set is included, for global travellers. The power adapter you choose is reflected in the final price. Ampere notes that if you want to use all three charge pads at maximum speed, you should opt for the 60W power adapter.

Hard shell travel cases large enough to hold the charger and power adapter are sold separately.

An Unravel Wireless Charger for Android, Too

Because two of its charge pads support Qi, the Unravel AW+ can be used with any compatible phone — not just the iPhone.  

If you don’t care about the integrated Apple Watch charge capability, Ampere also offers the Unravel 3+1. This version uses the same folding design, but offers three 10W Qi wireless charge pads, plus USB-C output. That means you can charge up to four devices at once. And just to make things even more interesting, Ampere sells a USB-C Apple Watch charger that can plug into the Unravel 3+1.


The Ampere Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad is a very cool and very useful accessory, especially for anyone who travels with a collection of Apple gear. Its clever design gives plenty of space to charge your devices, the flexibility to function as a useful iPhone stand, and the unique ability to fold into a compact, travel-friendly form factor. If you own a MacBook and can piggyback on its power adapter, that makes for even lighter travel…

And the Unravel 3+ offers the same convenience for Android smartphone owners. 

Prices vary depending on power adapter choice, but the Unravel AW+ is regularly priced at $159.99 with a 30W adapter. That’s pretty reasonable compared to other multi-pad wireless chargers that lack the travel-friendly approach, and at time of writing the price was reduced to $99.95 on Ampere’s website.

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