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For a few years now, we’ve been waiting for Samsung to launch a phone packing a graphene battery, but that hasn’t happened yet. The company has been researching the technology for a few years, and graphene batteries often come up in rumors detailing the next Galaxy S or Note flagship phone. But Samsung might not be the first to launch the first commercially available smartphone sporting a graphene battery, a new leak suggests.

The Galaxy S11 main Android rival in the first half of 2020 will be Huawei’s P40 Pro flagship, which is launching in March in Paris, France. The Chinese conglomerate already confirmed the news a few days ago, teasing a never-before-seen design that promptly leaked afterward.

More interestingly, Huawei’s French Twitter account revealed over the weekend that the P40 series will have graphene batteries. Those tweets were later removed, but not before PhoneArena saved them.

Image Source: Huawei France via PhoneArena

The language in the image above is French, but you can still discern the words “battery” and “graphene.” Moreover, the marketing image says you’ll be able to recharge the P40 Pro from 0 to 100% in 45 minutes.

“The next flagship Huawei smartphone geared towards photography, the P40, will come with a next-generation graphene battery,” the image reads.

The tweet in the following screenshot says that Huawei will be the first to launch a flagship phone equipped with a graphene battery. The tweet also notes these batteries will be more durable, long-lasting, and smaller than before, in addition to charging faster than previous models.

Image Source: Huawei France via PhoneArena

Other reports said the P40 Pro will feature a 5,000 mAh battery, although that’s a detail that’s yet to be confirmed.

As for the smartphone shown in these images, that can’t be the P40 Pro, if the recently leaked renders are accurate. The P40 Pro is supposed to have four curved edges, on top, bottom, and sides. Here’s what the phone might look like according to that leak:

Image Source: @OnLeaks and 91Mobiles

Image Source: Photo by Ng Han Guan/AP/Shutterstock

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