Hints From Heloise: When water needs boiling

Dear Readers: We take our water as a given, but what if there’s a problem? A water main break can affect water quality, and less-than-average pressure from a storage tank can contaminate the water with harmful bacteria.

Your water provider may issue a “boil water advisory.” There are two kinds: precautionary (loss of water pressure) and mandatory (confirmed contamination).

Here are some things to know if an advisory is posted:

● Discard ice cubes and foods made with tap water.

● Bring tap water to a rolling boil (large bubbles) for a few minutes, then cool completely and store in the refrigerator for drinking, or use bottled water.

● Give pets water that has been boiled and cooled.

● You can shower, but don’t take any water in your mouth.

● Doing laundry is okay.

● Don’t use the dishwasher; wash dishes by hand with the boiled water.

Once the advisory is lifted (you’ll know from media outlets), flush your faucets. Check your water provider’s website for more complete information.

Dear Readers: You soon may be able to charge your newer cellphone, tablet, laptop and even your electric car with a solar charger!

This is in its infancy, but it could change the landscape of technology. Stay tuned!

Dear Heloise: My hint is to always check your receipt for all the discounted items in the store’s advertisement to see if you got the discount. I check, and the cashier has given me back my refund many times.

Dave P., Canton, Ohio

Dave P.: How right you are! It is your job to be a good consumer and to stay informed about what’s on sale.

Dear Heloise: Who does the death notices (in the newspaper)? Why don’t they print the address of the church and the Zip code? Many times, I have no idea where the church is. Not everyone has a smartphone or computer.

Also, when it says, “In lieu of flowers, make a donation to ___,” I don’t have the address and Zip code for that charity. This would be a great help.

A Reader, Youngstown, Ohio

Dear Heloise: I live alone, and one thing I was concerned about was cleaning my shower stall. My daughter gave me those socks with the treads on them that the hospital gives you. They are perfect — no slipping.

Also, I take a cotton ball and spray some cologne on it and place it in a hiding place in the bathroom. Each time I clean the bathroom, I spray the cotton ball. It always smells nice.

A.C. Smith, Hagerstown, Md.

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