Google’s Waze GPS app adds ‘Snow Warning’ tool

Waze allows you to report unplowed roads and unsafe driving conditions.

The GPS app Waze wants to make commuting in snowy and icy conditions less cumbersome for drivers.

On Tuesday, the app that’s owned by Google began rolling out a new “Snow Warning” tool that notifies motorists if roads are dangerous due to inclement weather in real-time. Starting immediately, the app’s users can report ice on the roads, unplowed streets and dangerous outdoor driving conditions so other motorists know what they’re getting into, according to 9to5Google. 

Snow Warning is the result of a partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation. And the feature is currently live on iOS and Android in more than 185 countries where the app operates. 

“Our work with the Virginia Department of Transportation on the development of the ‘Unplowed Road’ feature perfectly exemplifies what can be accomplished when we collaborate with public sector partners to meet community needs,” said Dani Simons, head of public sector partnerships at Waze, in a statement. 

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Waze will alert drivers about roads that still need plowing.

Google has also used user-reported commuting data to enhance its widely used Maps app.

Over the summer, the search behemoth added a feature that would tell you how crowded buses and trains are in advance. The tool came after Google asked passengers who use the app questions about the size of crowds during their transit trips.

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