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Last month, after closing free calls by Reliance Jio, AirtelHe was flown fiercely fun. Through Embed Airtel wrote, FreeMeans free. Followed by Airtel offers free calling in all your plansWas made available on all networks. But from December 3 Airtel the Free CallingOther networks have stopped. Followed by Airtel anger of customersHave had customers who were on live by Airtel on social media EmbedHas started Ritvit.

Simultaneously Airtel customers seeking to port all of the companyPut. Offering cheap offers to celebrate Airtel customers at a timeStill working. But it does not have any impact on customers. note thatAirtel has increased by 40 per cent in its plans on the lines of other companiesCast. Thereby having to buy customers expensive plans to.

Airtel’s announcement highlights the

New network to celebrate Airtel angry customer at a timeHave planted went eliminate calling limit. Now customers on other networksNot have to pay a charge for calling. Rather, the customer unlimited call serviceProfit will lift. It announced Airtel has been through a tweet. WhichAirtel has announced to end all plans calling limit.

Knowing immediately filled with joy

There are people who use Airtel SIM. And expensive AirtelThe plans the company were determined to make port. They hear the newsImmediately filled with joy. Because their favorite company free unlimited call serviceAll will be available in the plans. Except Airtel rest others customersAre being made available for free only on-net calling.

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