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Playing Bandarqq – Games this one is already said to be very famous even more so in Southeast Asia, a game that originated from the country of China was formerly a game Bandarqq. This is a game that is played by the king in this land of bamboo. First, only officials in the kingdom are specialized. In addition, the first game that uses wood carvings in the form of dominoes is also used when meeting the king of kings. Until the time of the fury in Disnati Zhou this game was played by the Chinese people at that time. And finally China became the biggest export country for traders to bring this game to the whole world. Including in Asia.

Bandarqq games began to develop and played using dominoes. Where the rules of the game are very easy. Ie the players will be distributed 2 dominoes and will add up where the number 0 is the lowest and the number 9 is the highest. In this game itself can already be played by small children so parents can play in this game. Until now the development of this internet game can already be played via Android and also IOS which of course is very interesting especially in Southeast Asia.

Android and iOS games in addition to Bandarqq games

Of course bandarqq games aren’t necessarily the best android games like the famous Texas Holdem Poker games. The longer there will be a lot of android games that are mushrooming not only android games also on iOS games of course. Besides the game bandarqq games that are no less interesting are poker games in Texas Holdem Poker, Dominoqq, Capsa Bunk. And at this time a lot of card games can be said to be very famous and dominated by many card games both playing cards and dominoes. Which every game, of course, many players who play online of course.
After we know which card game is the most sought-after, we will see in more detail now that the poker game released by Texas Holdem is indeed number 1, but the current bandarqq game can of course be played for domino lovers. . now the game that uses cards is indeed very viral and has been favored by many people especially in Indonesia. Domino cards such as dominoqq, bandarqq, q fight become possible games that are said to be very simple and not too complicated like poker games in Texas Holdem Poker, because they are different in reality the game pokerqq yourself, we will be required to memorize A combination of playing cards, and it may be a confusing one because we will be able to get a card that we handle with a card on the table, the player must do analysis is currently the most important, because by doing analysis that is not good it can be said if the player lacks an analysis maybe admin can guarantee the percentage of defeat is greater then the admin can inform for poker games to be very difficult
Therefore the bookarqq game is getting longer and bigger, not because this game is very exciting but maybe it can be very easy to play. By doing bandarqq game we can play about 8 players in 1 table. And every table the admin is currently seeing is very crowded to be able to play.

Strategy to Win the biggest Android and Ios games

Of course in doing this game you need a strategy that can be said to be very mature too. Because in doing a good card game it might also be an online poker game but as the admin informed above that the weakness in poker games in Texas Holdem is the difficulty of memorizing combinations. So in determining a strategy can also be said to be very difficult. Very different from the game bandarqq where the formation of this strategy is very easy because the game also only uses 2 cards. And of course it is also very easy to determine strategy.

In the future the admin will also make an article about how the winning strategy is certain in the game bandarqq where every the player will get a higher % of wins. Because in making a strategy in the game android and also IOS is indeed very important. to defeat each opponent, we need a strategy that is very mature. Of course this game will be very tense and can be very interesting if we play with our colleagues or friends at one table of course.

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