Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals 2019

These Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals will help you save money, whether you’re looking for a new or slightly older smartwatch. The Apple Watch was one of the most popular gadgets over Black Friday, and some of the deals have continued to Cyber Monday.

Of the many Apple Watch deals we saw for Black Friday, though, only a few didn’t sell out before Cyber Monday, so if you’ve been thinking of picking up one of Apple’s smartwatches, you might want to act quick.

We’ve put together all of the best Apple Watch deals you can find in both the US and UK during Cyber Monday, and you’ll find the fantastic prices below.

What’s really great is we’ve seen all the most recent Apple Watch models get discounts over the sales period with the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 seeing the most significant price drops.

The Apple Watch 5 has also seen some price changes as well, but these haven’t been as dramatic so you’re unlikely to save a huge amount of money with this device.

Top Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals right now

Our team is continuously monitoring the price of the smartwatch series with our Apple Watch deals page, so we’re experts when trying to find the best price – even among competing deals.

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