Christmas gift guide for your health and technology obsessed friends

From a meditation headband to the best sports watch, and everything in between, here are the latest and greatest gadgets to gift your tech guru.

Christmas is the best time of the year, but it’s deciding on gifts that can turn you into a bit of a Grinch. Don’t worry, we understand, which is why the body+soul editorial team is presenting you with our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide collection. Whether you’re buying a gift for a family member, friend or colleague, we’ll be sharing the best ideas you need to know about – you might even find a few things to add to your Santa wish list.

Regardless if you’re married, related or just really good friends with a tech guru, the hard hitting truth is, your gadget-lover deserves more than just an iTunes voucher and dried fruit cake. And even though it may seem as though they have every single gizmo and gadget ever created, there’s a good chance there’s countless health tech items they’re missing – and didn’t even know they needed. So, we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you and rounded up the hottest items they’ll be obsessed with.

What: Withings Body Cardio scale ($179 at JB Hi-Fi)

Why: Think of this like a DIY DEXA scan (which FYI, are pretty exxy to get). It goes beyond tracking weight, and provides accurate BMI, body fat, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass information. Every weigh-in then pairs with the brand’s Health Mate app automatically, where you’re given tips and encouragement to reach your health goal.

What: Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier ($499 at Dyson)

Why: Unlike general purifiers on the market, the Dyson Pure Cool Me actually allows the user to “take control” of their own air quality by purifying the air directly around them. Its HEPA filter captures 99.95 per cent of particle pollutants (even trapping 0.1 micron particles) including bacteria, pollen, mould and grease. It’s the smart cleaner that lucky someone will definitely want, but didn’t even know they needed.

What: Theragun G3PRO ($849 at Theragun)

Why: For the person who’s always complaining about their bad back problems, or the one constantly splurging their money at the physio, do them a favour and gift them this. Favoured by elite athletes and your Average Joe worldwide, the Theragun is designed to relieve muscle tension, improve performance and assist recovery.

Why: Its six-day battery life is enough to convince you why Fitbit’s newest watch is worth the price tag. Key features include a sleep monitor, Fitbit Pay (so you can ditch the wallet on your runs), customised workouts, built-in Amazon Alexa and a 24/7 heart rate tracker. The Special Edition also includes a 3-month trial of Fitbit Premium.

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Why: You know those people who just need to learn how to relax? Well, this would be perfect for them. The Muse 2 has gotten the attention of tech-savvy meditators all over the globe, even being used in “meditation championships” where meditators compete to see who can remain calmest for longest. Basically, the headband’s thin strip of electrodes can measure sparks of brain activity that occur when you have a thought, and provide real-time feedback to the Muse app.

Why: They’re petite, light, sweat and rain-proof, Bluetooth pairing is seamless, and the sound quality is impeccable, especially with the added noise-cancelling feature. If anything, this is the Christmas present you need to gift to yourself.

What: WHOOP Strap 3.0 ($35 monthly subscription with free strap at Whoop)

Why: If they’ve don’t see the appeal of wearing a watch but love the idea of still tracking their fitness, then this one’s for them. The WHOOP Strap pairs with your phone and accurately logs your movements 24/7 (sleep included). Studies have been conducted showing WHOOP can reduce injuries, prevent overtraining, and improve performance through positive behaviour change informed by physiological data.

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