To check illegal mining, vehicles to be installed with GPS in Nainital | Dehradun News

Nainital: To check illegal mining, Nainital district administration has decided to install GPS devices in the vehicles involved in mining activities. The decision was taken in the mining committee meet held last week. The move will make Nainital the first district in the country to have GPS-enabled vehicles involved in mining, Nainitial district magistrate (DM) Savin Bansal, who is also the chairperson of the mining committee, said.
He added that all the vehicles involved in the mining activities should have GPS devices installed in them so that the exact locations of each of them can be monitored. “Mining is a major source of revenue for us. Thus, it is our duty to stop illegal mining. To this end, we have planned to install GPS devices in vehicles involved in mining activities to know the exact location of these vehicles and track them in real time,” he said.
DM Bansal added that the GPS monitoring will help the administration see the routes taken by the vehicle and they can be easily traced if any suspicious activity is noticed by the officials. “The vehicles have a fixed route and GPS will help us trace if any vehicle takes a different road,” he said.
As reported by TOI earlier, the gates of the riverbeds of four major rivers in the district — Kosi, Gaula, Nandhaur, and Dabka — have been opened for legal mining.
“We have installed CCTV cameras at major entry and exit points. A team of ADM, ARTO, and SDO has been tasked to conduct videography of the entire exercise to monitor the illegal mining. They have also been asked to conduct regular checking exercise,” DM Bansal said.
Notably, the steps to curb illegal mining come after several instances of violation of norms and even attacks on the staff were reported.

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