Xiaomi launches a new Warm up Cup that is also a 10W wireless charger

Chinese company Xiaomi may have been a smartphone manufacturer when it began, but now it has diversified into a lot of other segments. It has been coming out with numerous lifestyle products which are quite popular. The newest to add to this list is the new 55 degree centigrade Warm up Cup that doubles as a 10W wireless charger. The cup has been priced at 189 yuan which comes to Rs 1,933. The cup can maintain a steady warm temperature on placing it on the charging pad.

The company claims that the wireless heating technology used in the cup is much safer than the traditional resistance wire heating method. The cup itself is made of ceramic, and can be easily cleaned by users. Users will be safe from the accidental burns, which is how the heating feature is designed. And after four hours of inactivity, the cup automatically enters sleep mode to save power. Besides this the wireless charging pad can be used to charge smartphones that support the feature. The charging pad has 10W power rating for wireless fast charging.

The company has recently launched a Xiaomi Fish Tank priced at 299 RMB which is about Rs 3,000. Taking a closer look at the design the company has opted for a unique design. The design ensures that buyers don’t have to constantly change the water in the tank. Fish Tank automatically removes the nitrates and other waste from the water. In addition, users don’t even need to take the lid off completely to feed the fish in the tank. According to a report from Gizchina, Xiaomi has added an adjustment knob on the lid for feeding the fish.

The adjustment knob also helps maintain the overall oxygen level in the tank. What is interesting that the tank also comes with a proper aquatic plant. The design of the tank offers a balance between nurturing the fish and watering the actual plant. Xiaomi is using the Siphon principle to nurture the plant with the help of water vapors.

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Xiaomi Fish Tank requires electricity to operate and keep important functions running. In case of emergency, users can also use a power bank to keep the tank operational. Beyond this, the tank also comes with a simple one-button design. Users can use this button to remove the water from the tank. It also comes with a four-stage filtration process including volcanic stone, and a magnetic ring stone. Xiaomi has also added activated carbon as part of the filtration to kill bacteria. The filter system also comes with an upper filter cloth and a biochemical cotton layer in the lower area.

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