[Deal] Save on some brand new Aukey accessories exclusively for Talk Android readers [50% off]

Aukey has released a new line of mobile chargers and accessories for your smartphone designed at delivering the fastest possible charge without taking up a ton of space or costing a ton of money. The Omni-Power line has power adapters for your home and car, wireless chargers, portable batteries, cables, and more, and we’re here to give you a discount on this stuff just in time for the holidays.

These Omni-Power accessories all feature intelligent charging features and GaN technology for insanely quick speeds. They’re all in on USB-C for future-proofing devices, too. The Minima 27W PD Wall Charger can deliver huge charging speeds to just about any phone, and it’s a really small block. The braided USB-C to C cables to pair with it are even made from a reinforced mesh that’s durable, but also capable of delivering 20% faster data transfer speeds to your phone.

One of our personal favorites is the Unity Wireless 100W 4-in-1 USB-C Hub. Instead of just being a regular old wireless charger, this thing plugs into your laptop via USB-C port and gives you a couple extra USB ports and an HDMI connection, plus 100W of passthrough for charging and powering other devices. You can even lay your phone on top of the hub for wireless charging, too, making this one of the coolest accessories we’ve seen for anyone that uses their laptop and phone for a ton of productivity.

If you want to jump on any of these, simply use the promo code TALKANDROID at checkout on Aukey’s website to take 50% off the price. It works on all of the products in the Omni-Power lineup, and even stacks with the existing discounts that Aukey is running. Check it out!

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Use promo code “TALKANDROID” for 50% off

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