This Vertical Wireless Charger Keeps Your Smartphone Upright

What’s better than keeping your smartphone charged? Keeping your smartphone and smartwatch charged, of course. With the Defense Duo Vertical Wireless Charger, you can wirelessly charge your phone and another Qi-enabled device. Because it simultaneously charges two devices, it keeps you moving just as fast as you like. And this wireless charging station has a vertical spot specifically designed for your phone. Whether you rest your smartphone on this wireless charging stand horizontally or vertically, it’ll still power up. That way, you can use this Qi charger while also using your phone to watch a show or follow a recipe. Additionally, the Duo provides a maximum power of 10 watts. Not only that, but the included USB charger can plug into and charge a third device at the same time. Keep your life running smoothly with this multi-device charger.

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