Standalone GPS tracker requires no cellular connection

GPS tracker

If you are searching for a long-range stand-alone GPS tracker that requires no cellular connectivity to provide real-time tracking data, you may be interested in the GoFindMe. The small pocket sized GPS tracker requires no subscription, SIM card or monthly fee and is now available to back via Indiegogo with earlybird pledges from $179 offering two GoFindMe GPS trackers and a 10% discount off the recommended retail price. Full goes to plan worldwide shipping is expected to take place early next year during January 2020.

“Track each other instantly by real-time position, distance, direction and trace display. Connect with your group and find every group member easily at all times. Send texts, locations & pre-recorded voice messages to your people even without cell service, making communication a lot easier. No worry about message security since it’s all encrypted.​“

“GoFindMe is a real-time GPS tracker that works without cell service. By built-in GPS and long-range radio technology, it allows you to stay in touch with people even if your phone fails. GoFindMe is an all-around tracking and communication solution for all kinds of outdoor activities, and for protecting your loved ones. GoFindMe allows you to stay in touch with people even if your phone fails. No cell service, no subscription, no monthly fees.”

GoFindMe stand-alone GPS tracker main features include :

– Real-time location tracking
– Off-grid text & voice message
– One-button SOS
– Automatic trace record
– Sync up group activity
– Set safe zone
– Pin meeting place or home base
– Mesh network

Source: Indiegogo

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