Fitbit bought by Google for $2.1 billion

Fitness tracking accessories are so popular now that it is a new market and now Google is getting into it taking some huge steps. Fitbit is one of the companies that are leading the fitness gadgets market and just now it was bought by Google. Google already as a tech giant has taken over most of the tech fields and now it just decided to move to fitness. The fitness band making company Fitbit was declared to be bought by Google for $2.1 billion. Now that Fitbit will be working along with Google that is a whole lot of possibilities.

New features and optimized gadgets are probably what we can look forward to now that Google is in the game. Google’s perspective is quite clear they just want to step into the made by Google wearables. Another thing is they are willing to put in the Wear OS as now they have a major company making wearables. Fitbit will work under Google as per this deal it’s like mutual deal with terms. Fitbit still ensures that the fitness data will be kept private and wouldn’t be used for Google ad making.

It’s a great deal for Google looking at the efforts they have made in the past to get into the wearable market with their Wear OS. Google just opened a lot of new options for itself with this deal to try their software along with the Fitbit hardware. It also helps Google to possibly compete with Apple that has been working with smart wearables for quite some time now. With a large number of developers working on Google’s software, Fitbit will be able to provide accurate and better performance. Better OS and hardware compatibility with Android can be expected from this deal between these two companies.

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