10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for smartphone obsessives

We all know someone obsessed with their smartphone, and the best Christmas gift for them is one that involves their beloved handset. You don’t need to cripple yourself trying to buy them an upgrade, though. Instead, it’s time to learn to accessorise.

There’s more to smartphones than just playing CandyCrush and buying a new case to prevent it from scratches and cracks. So, here’s a list of fun gadgets and essential smartphone accessories to enhance anyone’s mobile life, along with some nifty smart home products you can’t use without a smartphone.

Fill your boots, or should we say stocking?

Klipsch T5M wired in-ear headphones

9 best Christmas gift ideas for people who love their smartphones

(Image credit: Klipsch)

You listen to music on it, you watch videos on it, you play games on it, and you listen to podcasts on it. Your smartphone is the one-hit-wonder for all things audio, so everyone deserves a great pair of headphones to get the most out of their favourite podcasts, tunes and immersive games.

These What Hi-Fi? Award-winning Klipsch in-ears sound fantastic and offer a great fit. It’s an instant step up in quality from the bundled earbuds you get with smartphones, and your loved one (or yourself, if you’re making a wish list) will be forever grateful.

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