Samsung Patents Reveal Radical New Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 has already been heavily leaked, but the company has now revealed it is working on far more radical Galaxy smartphones. 

In newly published patents picked up by the ever-alert PatentlyApple, Samsung has revealed an astonishing array of foldable smartphone designs for its fast-tracked successor to the “Embarrassing” Galaxy Fold

Most notable by far is Figure 133 (below) which shows the front-facing foldable design adopted by Huawei and which many feel was the format Samsung should’ve adopted with the original Galaxy Fold. That said, the company has also thrown in some truly eccentric designs, including rollable and tabbed designs. 

 The latter, in particular, is ingenious because the tabs are detachable and can be used to add supplemental storage, battery capacity or even physical hardware buttons to the device. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

That said, it is Samsung’s other recent patent which really gets the blood pumping. The company’s plans to integrate front-facing cameras under its display in 2020 have already been leaked by one top insider and the ‘New Infinity’ display tech which will enable it has been described as “just around the corner” by Samsung product marketing director Hassan Anjum

Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything We Know So Far

Forbes Gordon Kelly

Despite this, I suspect it will be the Galaxy S11 which still makes the biggest splash next year. We already know it packs a groundbreaking camera, upgraded design, major performance increases, next-gen memory, a supersized fingerprint sensor and AI-focused image processing while Samsung is also readying some revolutionary new battery tech

Why the rush? I suspect it’s because 2020 will also be the year Apple redesigns the iPhone


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