Dubai Healthcare City launches new licence to allow GPs to conduct cosmetic surgery

A new licence launched by Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulatory (DHCR) will allow general practitioners (GPs) to conduct minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the free zone.

The general aesthetic medicine licence will be granted to GPs with the “requisite experience and training”, DHCR, the regulator of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), said in a statement.

The licence will allow its holder to carry out cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, cosmetic dermatology treatments, body contouring and scar management.

Previously, these procedures could only be conducted by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and/or supervised GPs.

DHCC licenced GPs looking to apply for the new licence must have successfully completed a recognised aesthetic medicine training programme which includes theoretical and practical components and an assessment, DHCR said.

They also need to have three years of supervised experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and 200 cases of proven track record.

For non-DHCC licenced healthcare professionals, they will also require to present a bachelor of medicine from an accredited university and must have completed at least one year of supervised structured clinical training. Applicants will only be granted the licence after they pass a Dubai Healthcare City Authority General Aesthetic Medicine assessment.

The new licence is aimed at catering to 40 DHCC-based hospitals and clinics currently providing general aesthetic medicine services or considering adding these services to the facilities’ operating permits, the statement said.

Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi, chief regulatory officer, DHCR, said: “The new licence will enable GPs, with the right experience and training, to expand their specialisation, increasing the free zone’s specialized expertise and expanding its talent pool.

“This will enhance patient safety as it will ensure that qualified healthcare professionals are performing any cosmetic procedure according to best quality standards.”

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