The best spy cameras you can buy in 2019

Think of a spy camera and you may visualize someone shuffling along in a trench coat, wide brimmed hat tipped forward over the eyes. Or perhaps you’ll imagine an intrepid soul hanging out of a rickety biplane strafing the trenches during the First World War. In the past, famous spy camera brands have included the reliable Minox, used by George Lazenby in his Bond outing ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. However, in the digital age the choice for covert captures has broadened and innovation increased – especially since every smartphone in our pockets already has a mini camera built in.

Nowadays, you can find spy cameras built into pens, alarm clocks, wrist watches, smoke detectors, USB hubs, doorbells, spectacle frames, Bluetooth speakers, and many more ingenious innovations (including what outwardly appears to be an empty water bottle). Naturally there’s also the ability to control such devices via an app and your smartphone.

Unless you actually are working for MI6, suggestions for use of such spy cameras include monitoring your children’s nanny in the home – should you be well-off enough to hire one – as well as home and property security in general. Clever features such as motion detection and night vision are typically built in, too. Inevitably there is some potential crossover with heavy-duty, all-weather camouflaged trail cameras as well as action cameras and home security cameras.

These days, at least, you don’t have to have the budget – or know-how – of Bond’s quartermaster ‘Q’ to afford or use a spy camera. A quick search finds covert offerings starting from almost pocket money prices, and there are even some free spy camera software applications.

Put simply, it’s a whole brave new world out there for amateur spymasters and super sleuths. So with that in mind here are some of our recommendations for the best spy cameras you can buy in 2019… and fortunately our own message won’t self-destruct in five seconds, Mission Impossible-style.

Blink XT2 - best spy cameras

(Image credit: Blink)

An unobtrusive camera with two-way audio built in

Video: 1920 x 1080px | Display: Via smartphone | Viewing angle: 110 degrees | Storage: Cloud storage | Power: 2 x AA lithium batteries | Size: 71 x 71 x 34mm | Weight: 89g

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