PlayStation 5: Will the PS5 be worth getting at launch?

Apocalypse Shadow1d 6h ago

Since I didn’t buy the Pro, that money will go to PS5. The fact that I’ve mostly bought first party games and not EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc, I don’t have a lot of regular games. I have more Indie games because they took more risks that AAA developers won’t.

If VR developers have a Dev Kit, we’re looking at possibly faster load times, better looks from updates to textures, resolution, frame rates can be increased, increased anti aliasing. I expect PS5 launch games to impress. They have to have something to push the system to sell. So, I’m not worried about regular games as much.

But VR? That’s where improvements are needed. Even PSVR being 4-5 years old by then will be like new because it’s getting it’s power from PS5. That’s where my interests lie.

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