Apple removes smartphone app that crowdsources live police movem

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Apple removed a smartphone app that crowdsources live police movements after an official Chinese newspaper accused the tech company of facilitating illegal behavior. Apple said the app,, was removed because it was ‘used to target and ambush police.’ The company is the latest to face pressure from Beijing to side with China as protests continue to roil Hong Kong.

The overtime pay Delta owes to pilots is surging. The airline scrambled to meet demand for routes left by rivals like American and Southwest when those airlines grounded Boeing’s 737 Max. Delta issued a record amount of double-pay for overtime flying between May and August.

Phone manufacturer Essential is testing a new super-long form factor. The tall, thin device also includes a new user interface designed for the narrow screen, and a coating that changes color in different angles. A preview was posted by Essential CEO Andy Rubin, who was earlier embroiled in a sexual misconduct investigation.



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