What is this tech company rescuing smartphone users from?

Answer: Dead phone batteries.

Tech company OnePlus is ramping up the hype for the launch of its latest smartphone and the device’s fast-charging system. The company is launching a marketing campaign in three European cities where it will come to the rescue of smartphone users facing a low-battery emergency.

To participate, people simply need to tweet at OnePlus describing their location and emergency with the hashtag #WarpChargeSOS. OnePlus will then dispatch its rescue team in a branded Dennis Sabre fire engine to their location. However, instead of fire hoses, the truck is equipped with OnePlus’ red USB Type-C charging cables.

The campaign will run for one day in each city, beginning with London on Oct. 3. It will then be in Amsterdam and Utrecht on Oct. 5 and finish in Helsinki on Oct. 9. Digital Trends reports that participants need not have a OnePlus phone to receive service — the fire truck will be willing and able to help anyone in need of a charge.

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