Triptech™ Creates a Practical Smartphone Multi-Tool: Flipside™ Launches on Kickstarter

With technology growing at a rapid pace, the users’ functional ability to harness its power has become cumbersome.

ATASCADERO, Calif., Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Triptech™ is proud to join the mobile device accessory market by launching their patent pending product, Flipside™, on Kickstarter September 28, 2019.  Flipside was created to help people utilize technology efficiently and effectively by integrating four feature functions into a slim snag free accessory.  With 96% of Americans adopting smartphones, the necessity for higher functional ability is growing with the youth, business class, and elderly.

Flipside has a wide base kickstand that won’t let you down! Make viewing fun and easy no matter your phone size or positioning.


  • Slim & Snag Free – Being one of the slimmest accessories coming to the market, Flipside was designed with radial tapered borders for easy carrying without the struggle of the snag.
  • GPS – The built in GPS vent clips allow you to be hands free in your vehicle without another accessory.  Your car, significant others car, rental car, you still have your hands free device.  It goes with you!
  • Wide Kickstand – With phones varying in sizes, Flipside’s wide kickstand has you covered.  Stop fighting to prop up your phone and view your content with ease!  Optimal viewing angle for all purposes.
  • Impact resistant 2nd Kickstand – Yes that’s right, the first of its kind in the industry.  Hard touch, typing, or shaky hands, no worries.  The vent clips double as the secondary kickstand that won’t let your phone fall over.  Use this kickstand while writing emails/texts using the full keyboard or for complete stability.  You can now utilize your smartphone more like a laptop.        
  • Ball Socket Finger Ring – Complete security of your smartphone in all daily endeavors.  Whether you are taking a selfie, hiking, or having trouble holding your phone, your phone is not going anywhere.  Ease your hand tension every time you grip your phone!   


“The unprecedented growth of smartphone technology has been amazing to watch over the years,” said CEO Matt Hogue.  “With rapid technological growth, sometimes the usability of that technology becomes secondary.  Our response was an all in one multi-tool accessory to accommodate the daily needs of the people.”

About Triptech™:
Triptech was conceived in June 2018 when founder Matt Hogue was frustrated by the ability to functionally hold and prop his smartphone.  Starting from an aha moment to long hours of innovation, inventor and engineer Matt Hogue worked day and night to bring real solutions to a multi-tool accessory.  After months of design and prototype testing, Flipside was born with 4 feature functions to enhance each person’s experience.  Triptech is striving to make a difference in the way people use technology in daily life from the youth to the elderly.  For more information go to or contact Matt:


Press contact for more information:
Contact: Matt Hogue l CEO
Cell: (805)-712-0837
Press Materials Images, gifs, and logos:

Are you tired of having accessories for accessories and not having them when you need them most? Flipside has all angles covered. With the built in GPS vent clips, your GPS mount goes with you! Being the first of its kind in the industry, the vent clips also double as your impact resistant kickstand allowing hard touch and typing with complete stability.

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