Meet PineTime, A Ridiculously Affordable Companion Watch For Your Linux Smartphone

Pine64 is on a roll. The company recently launched its $199 PineBook Pro – a quality Linux laptop with all the trimmings (including privacy switches) – and it’s deep in development of the PinePhone. Now the company is breaking into the watch business with #PineTime, an affordable smartwatch companion for your Linux smartphone. How affordable? How does roughly $25 sound?

Pine64 announced the project via Twitter in a way that defies what we’ve come to expect from crowdfunded projects in the same arena such as the Purism Librem 5: they posted a photo of the actual device (not a render), and they’re not taking pre-orders or any kind of deposit until the device is finished.

A fair approach, since PineTime is waiting on FreeRTOS or ARM Mbed developers to breathe life into it.

Here’s what we do know, thanks to a follow-up tweet: It will cost approximately $~25, ship with a charging dock and a 20mm wristband, be constructed of zinc alloy and plastic, boast a heart-rate monitor, and should have “multiple-day” battery life.

“It’s waiting for some love from developers,” writes Pine64.

The company is also developing the PineTab, and is edging closer to shipping its FOSS Linux-based PinePhone, which runs KDE Plasma mobile and is expected to cost roughly $~100.

It also sells an array of single-board computers similar to the Raspberry Pi.

Pine64’s passion projects have quickly formed an entire hardware ecosystem for Linux enthusiasts and privacy-conscious users. I can get my hands on an open source-driven smartwatch, laptop, smartphone and tablet for less than $500 all-in? That’s pretty awesome.

Pine64 will have many more details about PineTime in its October monthly update.

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