Nintendo Fitness Accessory Joy Con for Switch

UPDATE: Nintendo released a new trailer for its upcoming fitness accessory, revealing it to be a Ring-Con peripheral that comes alongside an exercise-based game for the Switch called Ring Fit Adventure. The accessory straps a Joy-Con to the user’s leg and the other inside the squeezable circular device in order to function.

The trailer showcases its game, Ring Fit Adventure, an RPG-like fitness game where players are out to take down a body-building dragon, jogging and walking in place to move your in-game character while using the Ring-Con to interact with things and perform fitness moves. These techniques, like squatting or squeezing the controller, are used to inflict damage in battle. The Fit-Con can also determine how hard and fast you’re squeezing it.

Ring Fit Adventure includes the Ring-Con as well as the strap and will go on sale on October 18 for $80 USD.

Original Story (Sep 6, 2019): Nintendo released a first look trailer at a new motion-focused accessory that will offer “a new experience for the Nintendo Switch.” The device currently has yet to have its name revealed or its functionality explained, but in the footage above it appears the large ring will involve fitness.

Across the world, fans are seen using the accessory, which attaches two Switch Controllers to its side, performing activities such as running in place, performing yoga, and kicking their feet in the air. It also appears the circular gadget can bend, as seen when a couple smashes it together with their hands and legs. Many speculate the peripheral device is Nintendo’s latest motion control effort to promote fitness, similar to its initiative with the Wii and its Wii Fit title.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more info September 12.

In other Nintendo news, here’s everything that was announced at this month’s Nintendo Direct stream.

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