Personalisation pioneer creates self-test and supplement gadget for the kitchen counter

Eric Hilton, CEO of NutraPharma Ltd, says his coffee machine sized gadget will take away the lengthy process involved in current at-home deficiency testing kits.

The system, named MiNutra, will allow consumers to perform a quick pin prick blood test and nutrient analysis to get their real-time recommended vitamins and minerals all from one machine on their kitchen counter.

“As far as revolutionary thinking goes, this piece of kit essentially is a lab and a manufacturing facility all on your kitchen counter,” ​says Hilton.

“This takes away the need for any capsules or pills. You don’t have to go to the store, you don’t need to work out what you need or what you are missing.”

Chosen as one of NutraIngredients’ three ‘trailblazers’ for the Sports Nutrition Summit held in Amsterdam next month, Hilton will get to pitch his business to a room full of experts, hear their feedback and network with some big names in the industry.

This couldn’t come at a better time as he is currently approaching manufacturers and seeking investment in order to re-engineer his product to make it available at a commercially viable price – under £1,000 per unit. This will enable the product to be accessible to the mass market through a subscription service, not dissimilar to a mobile phone contract.

The machine will come with 10 cartridges worth of the most high quality and highly bio-available minerals, nutrients and vitamins, says Hilton.

Users will provide a pin prick blood sample which the machine will analyse to decipher the user’s nutritional needs and make appropriate recommendations. The user can then use their app to tell the machine which recommendations they would like to follow and the machine will make a mini shot-sized drink offering everything requested.  

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