Minecraft Earth Beta Registration is Now Available for Android Smartphones

Are you eager to get into another mobile similar to Pokemon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? There’s a new you can sign up for right now. It’s the Minecraft Earth, and you the beta registration for the mobile game is now available. Previously, it was only available for iOS users. But registration to the closed beta has now opened up to Android users.

iOS smartphone owners have had a chance to run around in the game for a good chunk of the summer. Now, those who want to build a unique Minecraft world from their Android phone can do so.

Much like Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players are going to encounter objects on their smartphone as they wander around the world. Players are going to encounter objects known as Tappables. These Tappables are going to give players access to building materials and new mob skins.

When a player uses a building block, they’re going to start creating something that overlaps objects in the world world, seen from their phone. Other players in Minecraft Earth can view these objects from their smartphone, and even add to it. These objects are life-size. Because they cannot physically appear in the real world, players can let their creativity fly using the things around with the block they acquire by exploring.

For Android users interested in jumping into Minecraft Earth, go to the Minecraft website at this link, and sign up to potentially get access. You’re going to need an Android smartphone running Android 7, along with Microsoft or Xbox Live account to play the game.

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