Best bathroom weight scales – top digital and smart scale options for 2019

Weight scales have come a very long way.

As the rest of the world becomes digitised; it should be no surprise that we no longer have to watch a needle flicker between numbers for minutes at a time.

Devices today will not only tell us how much we weigh, now they’ll measure other important statistics about our bodies including fat percentage, bone density and even our level of hydration.

For the most part, what most of us need is an accurate scale that’s easy to use, and won’t take up loads of room in your bathroom.

Below we’ve outlined the best scales on the market; so whether you’re on your own fitness journey or just want to keep track of your overall health – we’ve got you covered.

Best bathroom weight scales

1. TANITA RD953 Smart Scale Body Composition Monitor

TANITA RD953 Smart Scale Body Composition Monitor

Top of our list is the Tanita scale, which boasts enough features to keep you fully in the loop about your overall health.

The scales have integrated Bluetooth technology so you can easily connect to your ‘My Tanita App’ compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The LCD screen is easy to read and not only can you check your weight, but you can find out other measurements including but not limited to MBMI, bone mass, muscle quality and even your metabolic age!

Price: £168.99, Amazon – buy here now

2. ADE Aurora Electronic Bath Scale

ADE Aurora Electronic Bath Scale

This digital bathroom scale has a luxurious marble print that will fit right in to any interior setting.

The scales are easy to use as they operate with a step on function and automatically switch off when weight isn’t applied to them.

An extra-large weighing capacity of 180kg means they are suitable for most people to use.

Price: £29.99, Wayfair – buy here now


3. Fitbit Unisex Aria 2 Smart Scale

Fitbit Unisex Aria 2 Smart Scale

If you already own a FitBit, and are familiar and comfortable with the technology, this is one for you.

This bathroom scale syncs statistic automatically to your FitBit dashboard using integrated WiFi encryption and will also sync to over 200 leading devices.

The clever thing about this device is it can recognise up to eight different users while maintaining individual stats and keeping them private too.

Price: £99.99, Amazon – buy here now

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4. Withings Body+ Body Compostion Wi-Fi Scale

Withings Body+ Body Compostion Wi-Fi Scale

With its sleek design and numerous smart features, the Withings body composition scale should definitely be a contender to consider for your home.

The automatic synchronisation feature collects data from every weigh-in and uploads itself straight to your ‘health mate’ app.

The highly accurate scale will track your nutrition so you can set yourself goals and achieve them with ease. The system also recognises up to eight people, which they can easily access as the scales automatically recognises them.

Price: £90.00, Argos – buy here now

5. ACCUWEIGHT Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

ACCUWEIGHT Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This digital scale is ideal for anyone looking for an accurate weight calculator, that might struggle with mobility issues.

The ACCUWEIGHT scale has a skid-proof design and non-slip surface making it safe and secure even with wet feet. The four rubber feet at the base of the unit ensure that it won’t topple over providing maximum stability.

Step and read technology operate the device and it switches itself off as soon as its no longer in use.

Price: £12.99, Amazon – buy here now

6. QARDIO Base2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

QARDIO Base2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

It looks a lot like a bathroom mirror, when in fact it’s a unique and innovative bathroom scale.

Bluetooth and WiFi integrated into this scale make it easy to upload any health data straight to your smart phone, it’s also compatible with MyFitnessPal and Apple health softwares.

Unique features like a dedicated pregnancy mode and a feedback mode set this quirky gadget apart from others like it on the market.

Price: £129.99, Get Qardio – buy here now

7. Salter Ghost Digital Bathroom Scale

Salter Ghost Digital Bathroom Scale

If you’re in search of a simple to use, no nonsense device that won’t look odd in your bathroom or hurt your bank balance, this stylish model from Salter is all of the above.

The hidden display only illuminates when stepped on and automatically shuts itself off afterwards.

The toughened glass design is super durable and hard-wearing – so much so there’s a whooping 15 year guarantee.

Price: £29.99, Salter housewares – buy here now

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