Gemalto’s Digital ID Wallet Stores Your Digital IDs on Your Smartphone

Gemalto's Digital ID Wallet Stores All of Your Digital IDs on Your Smartphone

Gemalto has released a new Digital ID Wallet that holds electronic ID documents instead of cash. The mobile app allows people to store and access the digital versions of identity documents like health cards, identity cards, and driver’s licenses directly on their smartphones, consolidating multiple forms of identification in one convenient place.  

“The Digital ID Wallet creates a future-proof, citizen-centric ecosystem, meeting the needs of verification and authentication across the physical and online worlds,” said Frédéric Trojani, the SVP of Identity and biometric solutions at Thales, Gemalto’s parent company.

The documents stored in the Digital ID Wallet is designed to be used for proof of identity during online and in-person interactions, allowing people to gain access to age-restricted locations like bars or casinos, as well as eServices like online tax returns. It could also be used to verify people’s identities at polling stations or other official functions.

The Digital ID Wallet is aimed at giving people more control over their personal information, so that they will be able to choose what information gets revealed to third parties during an identity check. That means people will be able to prove that they are over a certain age without disclosing their date of birth or any other personal information. In that regard, the platform is comparable to Yoti, which offers a similarly high degree of privacy.

Gemalto was acquired by Thales earlier this year. The company has since launched an Identity Management System that was built to raise inclusion and make sure everyone has access to a legal identity.

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