Isro wants ‘made-in-India GPS’ tech in smartphones: What you must know

If you use Google Maps on your Android device or iPhone then you are using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system. While GPS is very popular among smartphone users, what most people do not know is that GPS is not the only satellite navigation system. Russia uses its own GLONASS while the European Union and China have Galileo and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS).

Similarly, Bengaluru-based Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has developed the Indian version of GPS called Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC). But why have NavIC when you are already using GPS? The answer dates back to the 1999 Kargil War when US refused to provide vital GPS information about Pakistani troops to India, the need for having India’s own satellite navigation system was felt for the first time. After two-decades, Isro is now in talks with chipmakers to integrate NavIC in upcoming smartphones that will be sold in India. Here is everything you need to know

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