iFreqs “next generation” smartphone car holder

iFreqs smartphone car holder

Smartphone car holders can be very hit or miss with some working extremely well and other s breaking in a matter of days. iFreqs has created a new smartphone car holder which is being advertised as “next generation” providing an alternative to magnets and suction cups. Check out the video below to learn more.

Pledges are available from £11 offering a 53% saving off the recommended retail price which will take effect once a crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime later this year. The campaigned lists July 2019 but with still 25 days remaining on its campaign I think shipping this month might be a little bit optimistic, considering the Indiegogo campaign and not even finished.

“iFreqs represents the next generation of mobile holders. Using innovative technology, iFreqs is the sturdy and stylish mobile holder that you have been waiting for. This mobile holder features rebound mechanical design technology and a robotic arm with triangulated brackets to maintain a constant, firm grip on your device. You can even rotate your device 360 degrees and tilt as per your convenience in mind, Also at the bottom leaving a clear opening for you to connect your charger.”

Source: Indiegogo

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