Domino’s will launch GPS tracking for delivery orders by end of 2019

Domino’s Pizza will roll out GPS tracking for delivery orders at all of its U.S. stores by the end of 2019.

In the last decade, the pizza chain has built a reputation as one of the most tech friendly restaurant companies, as it tries to improve its delivery by testing drones and self-driving cars.

Domino’s changed delivery when it rolled out a tracker that lets customers follow the progress of their pizza orders back in 2008. It’s a tool that its competition like Papa John’s and third-party delivery apps have copied since then.

Overseas customers have been able to follow the progress of their pizza delivery for several years. Soon, American consumers will be able to do the same.

But the feature is for more people than just hungry customers. CEO Ritch Allison told analysts on the earnings conference call Tuesday that he’s “more excited” about the data that franchise operators will be able to get from GPS tracking, allowing them to make their restaurants’ delivery process more efficient.

Shares of the pizza chain fell 6% Tuesday morning after Domino’s reported disappointing U.S. same-store sales growth. While the company missed Wall Street’s estimates for its second-quarter revenue, it beat expectations for its earnings.

Programming Note: For more on Domino’s Pizza, watch CEO Richard Allison’s interview on Mad Money tonight at 6 p.m. ET.

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