Maxis launches smartphone offering for Share Line plan users

Malaysian operator Maxis has launched an offer for families. The operator will start providing each MaxisOne Share Line with access to the latest devices via the Zerolution programme. Under this campaign, every MaxisOne Share Line on the MaxisOne Plan can now purchase smartphones on the Zerolution family plan. MaxisONE Plan subscribers can take up four Share Lines per account, which means Maxis families can now purchase up to five smartphones under one account, the company said.

Until now, Malaysia customers on the Share Line plan could only own a phone on every line. Previously, only principal line customers were able to purchase devices under a plan. Maxis also recently enhanced its Share Lines to provide users with a total of 20GB per line. Share Lines with a MaxisONE Home Fibre plan continue to offer unlimited data. 

The newly enhanced MaxisONE Share offering enables Maxis families to choose from smartphone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc. The offer also includes unlimited data, calls and SMS to any ASEAN country, for all family lines, when one family member activates the MaxisONE World pass for MYR 38 per day.

Families will also have access to unlimited calls and SMS to all networks for Share Lines for MYR 48 per month. Share Line customers also have access to great Buy1Free1 Deals from TeaLive, Auntie Anne’s, McDonald’s and more on the MyMaxis App.

Additionally, under the refreshed DataPool of 10GB + 10GB, Share Lines now receive a total of 20GB per line, with 10GB going into the DataPool, which can be shared across other lines in the account, while the other 10GB is exclusively for that share line customer alone. Share Lines using fibre connections have unlimited data.

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