T3 Awards week starts today. Who will be crowned the greatest joy-sparkers of 2019?

Today (Monday June 3), we begin the week-long festival of techy back-slapping that is the T3 Awards 2019, now in its 12th year, and bigger than ever. So big, in fact, it now takes us an entire week to announce all the winners. 

• T3 Awards 2019: every winner, as they’re crowned

• T3 Awards 2019: all the shortlists

And here is your T3 Awards schedule for the week:

Monday June 3: Fitness and Outdoor winners announced
Tuesday June 4: Tech, Smart Home and TV winners announced
Wednesday 5 June: Audio, Auto and Watches winners announced
Thursday 6 June: Travel and Home winners announced
Friday 7 June: The ‘Headline’ awards announced – Best Brand, Best Gadget, etc

The T3 Awards actually has over 60 categories this year. That’s because, from phones to fridges and from TVs to tents. T3 is all about bringing you the best of everything. Also, we just really like having big trophies made in the shape of our logo. 

T3 Awards 2019

Here are just a few of the many trophies we doled out last year. In 2019 there are even more!

The T3 Awards 2019: how we chose our winners

To get to this stage we have had a period of public nominations – a first for the T3 Awards – then lengthy rumination by the whole T3 team, with expert assistance from our expert assistants. This year, these included Dan Jones of The Sun, Spencer Kelly of the BBC, Hannah Bouckley of BT.com, Catherine Ellis of Techradar, Rhiannon Williams of i.com and bearded AV guru Steve May. 

We picked out the strongest contenders from the numerous nominations, plus our own favourites, with the shortlists being updated all the way up to the final final judgements, last week. 

And now, let the T3 Awards awarding commence…

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