Ultimate Hottest Men’s, Women’s Fitness Trend Products 2019 for all ages

Technology today is advancing so fast, it brings on the advent of high-tech equipment which has truly revolutionized the fitness industry today. And because of all the fantastic gadgets and products available for 2019, people have been able to track their time, as well as their health; able to monitor a lot of what is happening in their bodies and to better it.

These gadgets and products are able to check your
blood pressure, they can help you in your desire to lose pounds and they can
monitor your heart rate when you are running along the beach or skydiving from
the highest heights! And the best part about a lot of them is that many can
just be worn, able to be carried around with you wherever you go.

So it means all your fitness goals needn’t stop once you have checked out of your local gym or even your own home gym. OK, none of all these latest gadgets can beat what a really healthy diet that builds muscle and burns fat can do., but they sure help to make things easier in a lot of ways. Every year there is a Consumer Electronics Show – high tech stuff goes on display, like for instance the artificial intelligence-driven headphones which lately took center stage. There was also a lap tracking swimsuit which also stole the show.

You can find everything here in one spot too.

Here are some of the latest amazing products to hit the fitness scene for 2019:

Suunto 3 Fitness Watch hottest 2019 products

This watch is no ordinary smartwatch – this is something unique, a high tech smartwatch with many advanced features that makes it much smarter than other fitness watches around. It’s got heart rate monitoring, keeps track of your sleep and counts your steps as you walk. What is really special about this watch is that it stands out with its training plan feature. This gadget will come up with a 7-day training plan for you, giving you choices for your workout length and your level of challenge to choose each week.

peloton treadmill hot fitness products 2019


Most people will tell you that the treadmill is a top
piece of gym equipment. The Peloton one is very well known for their range of
stationary bikes. But if you want a low impact treadmill, then keep your eye on
the Peloton one. It’s very high tech, making it so easy for anyone to finish
cardio workouts. It’s so easy too to control the incline and speed – it has
knobs on each side of the treadmill, and it’s got a 32-inch screen that you can
use to select which workout class you want. The rubber treadmill also reduces
the pressure on your knees, giving you a real smooth and comfortable run. This
ultimate workout came out in January 2019, and is considered a must have for
all Peloton fans. As it is pricey, here are
some great alternatives for a fraction of the price

sould electronics pro bio headphones hottest fitness products 2019

Electronics Pro Bio Headphones

These are really hi-tech headphones, designed for modern runners, to improve your running form. They will let you know you’re your running has taken a dip, providing you with tips on how to correct yourself. The Soul Electronics Pro Bio headphones also support Bluetooth 4.0, with 8-hour rechargeable battery, and are sweat proof.

Under Armor HOVR Smart Shoes hottest fitness products 2019

Armor HOVR Smart Shoes

The Under Armor shoes just had to be on the latest and
greatness as far as the latest fitness technology goes. These shoes are
designed to reduce the gravity feel and boost the return on energy, with
comfortable cushioning inside the shoes. This eliminates and absorbs the
impact. And they come with an embedded chip feature to provide you with data on
how your shoes are performing. As you run you will be able to know the
distances you cover and your strides will also be measured. The brand comes in
two sneakers types to choose from – the HOVR Sonics and the HOVR Phantom.

Neo Smart Turbo Trainer Bike by Tacx 2019 hottest fitness products

Smart Turbo Trainer Bike by Tacx

This turbo trainer bike is so ‘intelligent’, you will even be allowed to turn it into a home gym; its usage is for indoor training or prepping before a race and after a race.

It allows you to choose your specific chart and level
with the training software and so quiet when using it at home or wherever you
travel. It also has a killer app which has the ability to choose a surface that
you want to ride on, cobbled streets or country roads.

Such durable yoga mats; ideal for practicing yoga
anywhere. These new creations come in various colors and designs, and they are
ideal for taking to the office or anywhere in fact.  These ones are extra-thick, meant to use on
any type of floor. They are healthy mats, too, free of any phthalates, and they
usually come with a free yoga DVD.

These adjustable desks will allow the user to decide
whether they want to sand or sit as the day wears on. They are great because
they improve your health, keeping your body posture correct whilst you work.
You just adjust it to your preferred height to suit your comfort levels. They
reduce sitting time, and that means better circulation.

Aria 2 Scale by Fitbit smart scale 2019 hottest fitness products

Many scales controlled by Wi-Fi come up with some
problems and badly designed apps and screens that you can’t read, etc. But this
one has none of those things; this one will recognize up to around 8 users. You
monitor your weight and it will check on your BMI and body fat percentages. And
you can transfer all the data to your laptop or computer so that you can check
your progress – sync it to your smartphone, receiving notifications when you achieve
your workout goal.

internal age monitor by iheart 2019 hottest fitness products

Want to know how old your internal organs are? This
iHeart gadget is the answer for you. All you do is put your finger inside the
iHeart and it will measure your aortic pulse wave velocity, giving you it’s
conclusions about your health. If you are older than you really should be, then
it means you need to make some lifestyle changes so that you can bring the
numbers down.

Regular exercise is really good for our health. But
sometimes even hitting the treadmill for 40 straight minutes makes we feel we
don’t want to face it. It becomes even worse when we can’t measure our
progress, kind of leaving us feeling a bit uninspired to keep the momentum
going. But that’s where all these latest wonderful gadgets come into the
picture that can be such benefit to us. Really, whether you are looking for
some more motivation to take your workouts to new levels or you just love all
the techy things out there and still like to keep fit, you will love all the
wearables, the accessories, the products that will reinforce your workout
routine. Want to look at more?

nokio body cardio 2019 hottest fitness products

Maybe you just thought of your cellphones and television as being really smart, but it’s time you met the Nokia Body Cardio scale. It does more than just check your weight. This one will look at your whole body composition and that will include your weight, your BMI, your water retention, your muscle mass, and your heart rate when you are standing. It then takes all that info and uses it to set up your targeted goals and program when you add the Health Mate app.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE Jump Rope 2019 hottest fitness products

You wouldn’t believe that even the old skipping rope
would be upgraded, would you? It’s the Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE Jump
Rope, looking pretty much like the standard skipping rope, but now it features
magnetic sensors that count your jumps. When you pair this with the Smart Gym
app on your iPhone, or your iPad or Apple Watch, it will help you to monitor
your calories too as you burn them as well as your workout times. Then the app
will offer you recommendations for interval training options to make things

fitbit versa watch 2019 hottest fitness products

We have all been hearing how you need to walk at least
10 000 steps a day, right? Well, the Versa can help you do just that,
monitoring each step of your way in your day. It features personalized
on-screen workouts to train you through your next session, and it also features
15 exercise modes so you can compare a variety of exercises. This stylish watch
and its accompanying app will keep you highly motivated.

hyperice vyper 2 vibrations 2019 hottest fitness products

What does the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 do, but to increase
the circulation in your body and to relax your muscles so that you are able to
work harder? That’s the magic of this gadget, featuring 3-speed settings and
high-intensity vibrations to make sure that your muscles are stretched out
sufficiently. Let this clever tool do all the hard work for you.

skulpt scanner measures body fat 2019 hottest fitness products

If your interest is to build muscle mass, then this
gadget is for you; a real investment in fitness health. Basically, how you use
it is you scan different areas of your body so that you can assess your fat
percentages and also to identify the strength of your muscles, also giving you
targeted advice as well as programs about how to burn fat and build muscle.

Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet blue tooth 2019 hottest fitness

These won’t be like any other socks you have in your
wardrobe. The Sensoria fitness socks and anklet are really smart with the
anklet that is magnetically attached to them. You simply pair the socks to your
smartphone by running the Sensoria Fitness mobile app. There is a Sensoria
Virtual Coach within the app that monitors your running, offering your feedback
through the audio and video cues during your run. You get a really accurate
reading of your step count, your speed, your altitude, distance, and calories.

Aerial Yoga 2019 hottest fitness trends products

Having More Fun at the Same Time

  • Are you looking for some real fun and different ways to do your workout upside down? That’s aerial yoga; a new type of yoga that makes us of a fabric hammock as a tool to help its students achieve the traditional yoga poses. It Increases overall health and physical agility, but at the same time, offers plenty of fun too and create beautiful movements. And you don’t need any experience either, although not recommended while you are pregnant.  A real gravity-defying workout which involves you performing a whole range of stretches and traditional yoga poses. Try it!
  • And
    have you ever heard of Tough Mudder obstacle courses? These types of courses are becoming very popular – it’s about racing through
    the mud and crawling under barbed wired and climbing ropes, all intended to
    challenge your strength. Sheer fun! The obstacle courses include the Tough
    Mudder, Ninja Warrior, and Spartan races – just great for training. Not only
    are the activities physically challenging, but they also require huge surges of
    patience, mental strength, endurance, and patience. People who have tried them
    get kind of hooked. If you want to complete a course or see how far you can go,
    it is recommended that you train with a team leading up to the real even and to
    increase your chances of reaching the end line. Just bear in mind that this one
    is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Great innovations today are also the desk exercise
    equipment “deskercises”. And if you
    sit at a desk all day sometimes you wonder if all your hard work will be
    undone. But no, all you need to do is grab some your office chair and get ready
    to ‘deskercise’. When choosing your desk exercise equipment, you need to decide
    on a couple of things:
  • Whether you are trying to increase your blood
    circulation or trying to lose weight – maybe burn more calories or get your
    muscles toned. Do you want to concentrate on upper or lower body?
  • Think too, about your office environment. Is it a nice
    quiet place or is it loud? Would your boss be fine with you exercising at your
    place of work?
  • What about storing your equipment?
  • What are your health and fitness goals as well? Is it
    about getting more cardio or maybe you just want to activate your core and then
    just a ball chair might help.
Exercise stretch Bands 2019 hottest fitness trend products

Stretch Bands

These exercise bands are really great for resistance
exercises. They are also heavy duty and you can use them for several activities
including strength training. They are made from 100% real eco-friendly latex.
They also come with a how-to-guide for your exercises.

Grip-Training Tool

You will love these, as they are great to work on the
strength and muscles of your arms. This gadget is so easy to travel with, you
can get exercise while on the go all the time. A great way to work on the
strength of your grip and arm muscles – small easy to take with you anywhere,
and available in 11 strengths so you change the intensity of your workout as
you go along.

Posture-Improvement Stool

Everyone wants one of these because the stools help
you to sit in proper ergonomic positions while you activate your core muscles.
The stools are so easy to use and are very comfortable; helping you to
passively get in a workout through the day. Easily adjustable and easily

Stability Cushion

This is an important strengthening tool for adults and
children. When you sit on this disc, you activate your core muscles, flexor and
extensor muscles which give you balance through the workday. With the small,
continuous movements you make all day to stay stable on this chair, your deep
core muscles get stimulated and enhanced all the time. Great for neck and back
pain too.

Ankle Weights

These special weights are both affordable and a
dependable way of keeping your body ‘active’ through the day. They add
resistance to your walking, contributing strength to your leg and core muscles.
If you want, you can also wear them on your wrists if you are keen on
activating the muscles in your arms. They are also comfortable with extra
padding and you don’t have to adjust them as you go through your day.

Hand Exercise Balls

Exercise balls, so full of color, you just enjoy
having them in your hands. They kind of motivate you to increase the strength
in your arms, hands, and wrists – they are like stress relief balls, but add
strength as well, coming in different levels of firmness which means you can
work your way in strength as it improves.

Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker enables you to track your sleep and your activity levels. It’s got a nice sleek band that makes use of several sensors so that you can monitor how many steps you take when walking, counting the calories you burn too. It also gives you the motivation through the day to move as much as you can. It’s got a five-day battery life too!

NSD Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser 2019 hottest fitness trend products

Hand Exercise Gyroscope

Looks so exciting doesn’t it, this spinner gyroscope
helping you to exercise your forearms and your wrists. You will use this tool
for just a few minutes each day as you increase the strength in your hands
while you work. It’s easy just to take home again if you want to continue using
it whilst at home. Comes in different colors.

Under-Desk Elliptical

This gadget will allow you to exercise right through
the day, without even thinking about it much. It allows you to sit properly
with the correct posture and you can easily slide this little machine under
your desk. It’s got eight levels of resistance – you connect it to Bluetooth to
track your progress. It’s quiet and does not disturb anyone around.

Under-Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

This is ideal for any workspace because it allows a person to get cardio activity whilst working, saving you time because it allows you to cut down on your working out time away from the office. It builds your muscle endurance and helps you to lose weight, whilst at work.

lifespan treadmill desk 2019 hottest fitness products

Treadmill Desk

With the treadmill desk, you get your steps in through
your day, even while working. This means you get the opportunity to move away
from a sedentary type lifestyle because it offers such an effective way of
getting in some quality exercises while you are multi-tasking. It gives you
extra energy and also reduces joint pain, enabling you to keep in shape.

woman relaxing after workout 2019 hottest fitness trends products

The term fitness gadgets are really synonymous with “activity tracker” – that’s what they are, but aside from that, there is much more to fitness technology than tracking. The lineup for 2019 is all about smart watches, smart this and smart that, which means that before you invest in a device, assess what your fitness goals are and how best to support them. Then set your budget, research what you want and then ‘just do it’! You can find all of these amazing fitness products all in one place right here.

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