12 Star Wars gadgets you need to see (May the Force be with You)

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Today’s date is May 4, which means it’s Star Wars Day. To honor this annual celebration, we decided to put together a list of our favorite Star Wars gadgets — from Darth Vader toasters to Millenium Falcon lights.

  • Why was May 4 chosen as Star Wars Day? It’s a play on words: “May the Fourth be with you” sounds like “may the Force be with you.”
  • How do people celebrate Star Wars Day? While retailers often discount Star Wars products on May 4, fans often host cosplay watch parties.
  • What are the best gifts for Star Wars Day? If someone in your life is a true Jedi (or Sith Lord) these Star Wars gadgets should float their boat.

Every year, this date is reserved for a celebration of the greatest space epic series ever to grace movie theaters. These Star Wars gadgets should add something to the event and help you feel the Force long after.

Sphero BB-8 Ultimate Star Wars Droid

This little droid is a perfect replica of BB-8. In addition, the Star Wars Sphero has its own personality and it will react to your voice commands.

Price: $59.99 USD

ThinkGeek Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper

This smart plug looks the part and adds a great feature to your home. By simply clapping, you can use the Force to switch devices on and off.

Price: $29.99 USD

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

What better way to binge the whole series than with some freshly made popcorn? Better still, this popcorn maker looks like the Death Star.

Price: $49.96 USD

Star Wars Two Slice Stormtrooper Toaster

Shaped like a Stormtrooper helmet, this toaster puts the Galactic Empire logo on every slice of bread. It also has extra-wide slots for waffles.

Price: $29.99 USD

Engraved Wood Star Wars Clock

With a different character representing each hour of the day, this beautiful Star Wars clock will help you keep perfect time.

Price: $25.49 USD

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guide Lamp

This amazing lamp doubles as a technical guide to the Millenium Falcon. It makes a great addition to your nightstand, and you can choose from 16 light colors.

Price: $29.95 USD

Star Wars Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Shakers

Add seasoning to your dishes in style with these lightsaber shakers. As you press the button to start grinding salt or pepper, the end lights up.

Price: $39.99 USD

Plox Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker

What could be cooler than listening to your favorite songs via a levitating Death Star? This Plox speaker delivers 5W of output with Bluetooth connectivity.

Price: $499.99 USD

Star Wars AR Stormtrooper Robot

Start building your own First Order with this intelligent robot. Your tiny Stormtrooper has facial recognition technology, and it will respond to voice commands.

Price: $126.41 USD

Onnit Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment

From a Han Solo yoga mat to a Death Star slam ball, Onnit produces some amazing Star Wars-inspired fitness gear. You can even build strength with Darth Vader kettlebells.

Price: $64.95 USD

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer

The Death Star kitchen timer helps you bake your cookies to perfection. When the countdown hits zero, the green laser and realistic sound effects should grab your attention.

Price: $17.99 USD

Firebox Star Wars TIE Fighter Desk Lamp

This stunning desk lamp is an officially licensed tribute to the TIE Fighter. Mounted on an adjustable arm, it can extend to 60 inches tall.

Price: $66.50 USD

Star Wars gadgets

What is your favorite Star Wars merch? Tell your fellow fans in the comments!

The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest in
tech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?
Subscribe now.

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