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Flipkart Big Shopping Days: 10 deals, including Apple Watch, Mi Band, Nokia 5.1 Plus, you should not miss – The Gadget News

Flipkart Big Shopping Days: 10 deals, including Apple Watch, Mi Band, Nokia 5.1 Plus, you should not miss

Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale started on May 15 and it continues. The sale will end on May 19, which means that for two more days you are going to get some cool deals on gadgets. In the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale, there aren’t all that good smartphone deals. Most of the deals on smartphones are similar to what we have seen earlier, such as Xiaomi Poco F1 selling at a price of Rs 19,999. But on gadgets other than smartphones there are some cool deals. In particular, the deal of the day seems to be Apple Watch.

So if you are hinting for a gadget, such as a fitness band, or a smartphone or just want to take a quick look at the top deals in the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale, check out the following 10 deals.

–Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS for Rs 23,900: Although the latest variant of Apple Watch is Series 4, the Series 3 is a great value for money smartwatch if you want to get into the smartwatch scene. And at the price of Rs 23,900 the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS support is one fantastic deal. In any case, the only smartwatch worth buying is Apple Watch right now. The Series 3 offers incredible integration with the iPhone and supports native exercise and fitness tracking due to the GPS. It’s an issue that it only works with the iPhone, but if you do have an iPhone with you and you are looking to get the top-of-the-line fitness tracker, go for the Apple Watch Series 3 in the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale.

–Nokia 5.1 Plus for Rs 7,999: This phone was launched a price of around Rs 11,000 but in the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale is selling for Rs 7,999. At this price, this phone offers 32GB storage as well as all the goodness of clean Android One software, which makes it a better deal than many Xiaomi phones that usually dominate this price range. The phone has 3GB RAM, MediaTek Helio P60 processor, a 5.8-inch screen, and a dual camera system with main camera using a 13-megapixel sensor paired with a separate 5-megapixel camera. Overall one of the neatest smartphone deal right now under Rs 10,000.

–Apple iPad (6th Gen) for Rs 23,999: The only tablet worth buying right now is an iPad. The ipad 6th generation was launched at a price of Rs 28,000 but currently it is selling for Rs 23,999, which mean with a discount of Rs 4,000. If you are thinking of buying an affordable but versatile tablet, we believe you should make use of this opportunity and get the iPad for Rs 23,999. This iPad has a screen size of 9.7-inch and it is powered by Apple A10 processor. The storage inside the tablet is 32GB.

–Google Home Mini for Rs 2,499: Google Home Mini is the cheapest way to get into Google’s smart ecosystem. It has the Google Assistant inside it, which can take your commands, tell you weather of the day, read you news and play you songs. Although the Home Mini is tiny and doesn’t have the kind of heft in the sound that bigger Google Home has, it is smart enough to justify its price. The Home Mini was launched at a price of Rs 4,999 in India but in the Flipkart sale it is selling for Rs 2,499 and that makes it a great deal.

–Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition for Rs 999: In India, the Mi Band HRX Edition was launched with a price of Rs 1,799. But right now at a price of Rs 999 in the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale, we will say that the Mi Band HRX is the cheapest way for anyone to get into fitness tracking. The Mi Band HRX Edition we had found in our review earlier that is fairly precise at calculating the steps you take in a day. It also has a tiny OLED screen for notifications, is water resistant and offers great battery life. Basically totally worth Rs 999.

–Google Pixel 3A at Rs 35,999: Okay, this is not exactly a deal. The Google Pixel 3A is a new phone and there is no specific discount on it right now. But there is a limited time bank offer on the phone as part of Flipkart Big Shopping days sale. If you use a HDFC credit or debit card to buy the Pixel 3A right now, you will get Rs 4,000 instant discount that makes the price of the device Rs 35,999. If you are looking to get a phone with clean Android software, official Google support, and a great camera, the Pixel 3A for Rs 35,999 is a good deal.

–Nikon D3500 at Rs 25,999: If you are looking to buy your first DSLR camera, here is a deal you can’t ignore. The Nikon D3500 with its kit lens of 18-55mm is selling for Rs 25,999. The original price of the package was close to Rs 35,000. The Nikon D3500 is rather a repackaged Nikon D3400, which was a repackaged Nikon D3300. But the sensor and technologies at the hearts of these cameras are very mature, and they are best in the class. The reason why they have not been updated by Nikon for years now is because there is nothing better on the horizon that can be brought to this price point. So, go for the D3500 if you want a DSLR camera on the cheap.

–Realme 2 Pro at Rs 10,990: This phone had an original price of Rs 14,990 but is now selling for Rs 10,999 in the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale. The Realme 2 Pro has been succeeded by the Realme 3 Pro and it is slightly old now, but we believe for its new price that is Rs 10,990 it is still worth it. The Snapdragon 660 processor inside it is snappy, 4GB RAM is plenty and 64GB storage is generous. In other words, this is a good phone on sale at a very reasonable price.

–Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at Rs 36,990: The Galaxy Note 8 is old. Sure! But it is also a proper high-end phone that is selling for Rs 36,990, which is almost half of its original price. We don’t recommend that you buy the Note 8 but if you need a phone that must have a stylus — and the stylus in Note 8 is very versatile and unique — by all means go for it. Apart from that versatile stylus, with the Note 8 you will also get a phone that has a gorgeous — and one of the best — screens as well as one of the best cameras.

–Xiaomi Poco F1 for Rs 20,999: There is a cheaper variant of the Poco F1 in the Flipkart sale that costs Rs 19,999. But we recommend you get the variant with 128GB storage that costs Rs 20,999 in the Flipkart sale. This is not a price that we haven’t seen earlier, and Poco F1 is also a little old now. It is possible that it may get a successor Poco F2 soon. Yet, if right now you are looking for a high-end phone at the cheapest possible prices, the Poco F1 at Rs 20,999 is a good deal. Go for it.

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