huawei 5g tv: Forget smartphones, Huawei is working on ‘world’s first’ 5G TV

NEW DELHI: Huawei has already showcased a 5G foldable smartphone this year. Other smartphone players like Xiaomi and OnePlus have also confirmed the same, while Samsung is already out with the 5G version of Galaxy S10 handset. But, Huawei is not stopping on smartphones when it comes to 5G, the Chinese tech firm says it is working on the ‘world’s first’ 5G-connected TV, as reported by Nikkei Asian Review website.

The report adds that Huawei’s 5G TV is supposed to get introduced as early as this year itself. These TVs will include a 5G module and an 8K display panel to view high-quality content and view it in high definition screen. It is said that Huawei, in order to complete its consumer electronics ecosystem, is making a 5G TV. Huawei already has laptops, smartphones and wearables, and
TV will add to it.

With this, the company is expected to compete with the likes of Samsung, LG and more. The 5G TV may not require fibre optics or cable boxes and could act as a router hub for electronics devices. All this will definitely fuel the TV market as Samsung too has established itself in the same segment along with Sony and LG. OnePlus is another company that has confirmed a 5G smartphone and a TV to arrive this year.

Huawei is already one of the world’s largest telecom equipment maker. It also overtook Apple to get the second spot in the smartphone shipment market share after Samsung.

As for the TV market, IHS Markit has forecasted that 8K TV shipments will increase from 20,000 sets from last year to 430,000 this year and up to 2 million sets up to next year. Now that Huawei is working on a 5G TV with 8K display, Samsung might not be far away. LG too has a 5G-enabled V50 smartphone and is one of the leading companies when it comes to TVs so something similar can be expected from LG as well.

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