13 Lightweight Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day, 2019

Photo: courtesy of the retailers

The moms we know love to brag about how light their stuff is and rank the weight of a bag or an umbrella or a pair of sneakers ahead of almost all other criteria. That’s because they carry so much around every day — including other humans. But even after their children are fully grown, most moms keep an emergency stash of Band-Aids, Advil, tissues, trail mix, phone chargers, notebooks, and pens in their bag, just in case. When you’re carrying that much stuff, the weight of your bag and the lightness of your sneakers start to matter a lot more.

We asked a bunch of real-life moms to tell us about the lightweight things they want to get this Mother’s Day and then added a bunch of Strat-approved ultralight gifts ideas to the mix. Whether you’re shopping for a mom who’s still carrying a baby around, one who spends her time chasing toddlers, or an empty nester with a bad back, we’ve found the best lightweight gifts to help her take a load off.

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